Wellbeing Resources – Week of June 29th

June 29, 2020
As all of you know, stress related to the pandemic is having an enormous impact on people’s mental health.  According to a COVID-19 survey from SHRM that was conducted in April, 22-35% of employees reported experiencing symptoms of depression often, and as many as 2 in 3 are experiencing... Find out more »

CMS Guidance: Accumulator Programs

June 23, 2020
WHAT IS AN ACCUMULATOR PROGRAM? Many prescription drug manufacturers offer financial assistance (e.g. coupons) to patients in order to reduce their out of pocket costs, particularly for very expensive drugs. Standard practice is for an "accumulator program" to exclude the value of such... Find out more »

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

June 22, 2020
As many states are starting to ease restrictions and as some employees begin to return to work, our minds are focused on what the next phase of the pandemic will look like. Many companies are, wisely, issuing surveys about employee concerns regarding a return to work and needs for the future. What... Find out more »

COVID-19 Update: How Insurance Companies are Helping Consumers

June 18, 2020
In addition to payment relief to some customers, insurance companies are maintaining staff and supporting national pandemic relief efforts. Immediate Customer Solutions Many insurers are offering payment relief. For example, auto insurers have returned $10.5 billion so far to... Find out more »

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

June 15, 2020
I was catching up on some of Dr. Rosie Ward’s recent blogs yesterday and one point she made that resonated with me is that emotional literacy is becoming critical. She notes that whether people are processing the grief and trauma of this pandemic now or later, at some point it will... Find out more »

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

June 8, 2020
In a webinar I recently listened to, the presenter talked about how one of the most important things an employer can do right now is to build trust. Trust is imperative, they stated, because as employees return to the workplace, they will need to trust that their employer has done... Find out more »

Despite Its Low Cost, Most Consumers Don’t Buy Cyber Risk Insurance

June 5, 2020
A new report by the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) says most Americans underestimate the threat of cybercrime and are not buying insurance against it, despite its low cost. Americans have embraced the Internet of Things, with three out of five surveyed reporting connected technology... Find out more »

Telemedicine– How It Is Changing Healthcare

June 1, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on telemedicine (telehealth) and its value as part of an individual’s and an employer’s healthcare plan. Originally developed largely as a convenience for individuals, telemedicine is now nearly a necessity for both individuals and medical... Find out more »

Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

With challenge comes opportunity, so they say.  For most, it may feel like the list of challenges is far outweighing the opportunities these days. However, as we think about wellbeing Programs, now truly is a unique time to build upon what you’ve created.  We know, from research... Find out more »