Some Good News on Cyber Liability Insurance: Ransomware Coverage Remains Available

February 23, 2022
If you’re looking for good news amid the ever-increasing threat of cyber attack, escalating ransomware demands and Cyber Liability Insurance rate hikes, here it is: Despite all the bad news, ransomware coverage is still available to most businesses through major insurance... Find out more »

Strengthening Your Total Rewards Package with Voluntary and Worksite Benefit Solutions

February 14, 2022
Pre-pandemic, organizations of various kinds thought office perks such as coffee bars, ping-pong tables, free snacks and nap rooms were good tools for attracting and retaining a talented workforce. And, to some extent, they may have been. But in a world of remote and hybrid work arrangements,... Find out more »

Diligence, Innovation Keys to Construction Insurance Solutions

February 7, 2022
Step back from all the misery the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, including worker shortages and supply chain disruption. Take a good look at all the insurance challenges a years-long hard market for Property and Casualty coverage has created. Scan the landscape of damage from a multi-year series of... Find out more »

Commercial Property Insurance: Maintenance Required

February 1, 2022
There was a time when commercial property owners could get away with a set-it-and-forget-it approach to insurance. When it came time for renewal, many policyholders would glance at the statement from their carrier, grumble a bit if there was a rate increase, pay the premium and not think about... Find out more »