Benefit Analysis (CHS)

We know not every employer is the same, so why should every employer have the same product? At CHS Alera Group, our team of benefits experts has over 100 years of experience. We search the market to find solutions that will benefit the employer and employees by keeping costs affordable with broad provider choice.

We serve clients no matter the size; we make sure our clients understand all of their benefit options through training and a hands on approach.

We do this by focusing on these main areas:

  • Health & Welfare Plans Consulting
  • Market Analysis
  • Employee Communications
  • Access to Human Resource Tools
  • Data Analytics
  • Benefit Admin Systems
  • Actuarial Tools
  • Employee Web Site
  • Access to Compliance and Legal Consulting

Groups over 100 that can obtain claims reports from the carriers can have access to a unique data analysis tool that will store, not only their medical data, but store the following data externally so it can all be in one place.

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Workers Compensation

This data can then be analyzed to provide a true insight of the company’s cost drivers in all areas. CHS Alera Group will work with the client to provide solutions to control these costs now and in the future.