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Nonprofit Organizations

As a non-profit organization, the health, welfare and wellbeing of your clients and community are your primary focus. Ensuring that your organization and employees are protected is paramount to achieving these goals, but securing the right coverage and solutions at an optimal price can be challenging.

At Alera Group, our Nonprofit Team is focused exclusively on protecting and supporting the health and wellbeing of non-profit organizations, including social service organizations, educational societies, associations and foundations. Alera Group’s dedicated non-profit team provides our clients with specialized guidance and solutions across your organization, including commercial insurance, employee benefits and wealth services.

Benefits Playbook

Our Benefits Playbook is a proprietary, strategic approach to building and implementing a benefits plan that works for your organization and helps you accomplish your goals.


We believe that the best benefits attract and retain talent, and that data should drive your benefits decisions. Provide some basic information on your organization and learn how your health plan and benefit program measures up.


Nonprofit Solutions for Unique Challenges

Non-profit organizations face unique challenges and the cost of insuring these risks can be daunting. Alera’s dedicated expertise and experience in non-profits enables us to provide specialized solutions to help you manage rising healthcare costs, mitigate risk, navigate complex insurance claims, and secure the right coverage at the optimal price.

Specialized solutions for non-profits include:

  • Participating Funding Arrangement (PFA) to help contain costs and reduce coverage gaps.
  • Market leverage and industry insights to help you secure Abuse and Molestation Coverage at an optimal price.
  • Alera offers an Unemployment Savings Program to help non-profits save upwards of 20% in unemployment tax.
  • Our specialists in Safety and Claims Advocacy proactively help reduce dangerous exposures to mitigate risks as well advocate on your behalf if a claim occurs to save costs.

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