• Pre-close diligence on Employee Benefits and Risk Management
  • Place Representations and Warranties Insurance
  • Post-close strategy development

Deals are complex enough without even factoring in the impact of insurance. Yet the right insurance expertise can yield significant savings as well as help ensure that your transaction is sound, smooth and efficient.

That’s why we at Alera Group Private Equity Practice focus exclusively on the private equity space. This singular focus enables us to consistently provide our clients with the highest level of guidance for all their insurance-related needs.

Trusted, strategic partner

Anyone can sell insurance. Our goal is to serve as your strategic partner. We assess what makes sense for your unique situation, in order to determine what coverage serves you best.

Comprehensive offering

We’re well versed in all areas of insurance that impact your deal – from health and life to retirement planning and business insurance.

The agility to excel

We’re as agile as we are experienced. We respond quickly to your specific needs, and our deal team stays with you throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Significant savings

We deploy our expertise on your behalf to perform comprehensive company-wide assessments. These generate an average of $1,500 per employee per year in cost reduction.

An extensive suite of services

We work closely with our private equity, family office and alternative lending clients to provide the following services:

- Diligence and savings analysis
(benefit redesign and reprice analysis)
- Pre-close and post-close assessments
strategy development
- Near-term and long-term strategy development

- Business Insurance including D&O, E&O, and RWI
- Key person insurance
- Representations and Warranties Insurance
- Industry specific benchmarking

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