Benefit Delivery Impacts Employee Perception

Administration impacts the employee experience, cost and compliance. While it typically represents a relatively small portion of the benefit budget, it should be considered an integral part of overall delivery. Effective administration rarely receives compliments. However, when an error occurs, such as employee having their coverage denied, or if there is a breach of data privacy or a compliance failure, administration is often to blame.

Finding The Right Fit

We believe it is in our client’s best interest to help identify the right administration and technology solutions to meet their needs. In some cases, this may mean taking a consulting approach to help select an outside provider where we assist in implementation, management and oversight. In other cases, clients prefer we simply take over the administration using one of our in-house technology platforms. Our only goal is to help our clients make the decisions that best meet their needs.

HR & Benefits Administration Services Include:

  • Understanding or developing the strategy on sourcing (insourcing, outsourcing, Software as a Service (SaaS), co-sourcing, etc.)
  • Evaluation of current systems, processes, vendors and partners
  • Comprehensive benefit administration in instances where clients elect to use one of Alera’s benefit platforms
  • Consideration of internal capabilities and current administrative platform
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Ability to comply with federal and state regulations
  • Review of existing vendor contracts, pricing, services, performance and management