Enhance Benefit Value with Optimized Communication

Benefit costs often represent the second largest employee expense after direct compensation. Helping employees and their families understand, utilize and appreciate the programs is essential. Whether the goal is to engage plan participants in wellness programs, steer employees into the most cost effective plans or clearly explain changes, effective employee communication is critical to the success and appreciation of every program. The best plan strategy and design will fail if employees are not engaged. Alera Group’s communication consulting practice supports our core business of delivering improved outcomes.

Sending the Right Message Makes a Difference

We consider varied populations and audiences, and we may recommend different approaches to maximize effectiveness for each group. We believe it is our obligation to help employees manage the complexity of the health care system and to make informed decisions that are in the best interests of their families. We take the position that benefit communication is often a “call to action” where success is defined by employees making informed decisions.

Hitting the Right Note

Benefits communications help set the tone of an employer employee relationship.

Communications may be in person, print, web, video, via social media, text or Twitter. Regardless, we have the tools and experience to meet every need. Communication projects typically consider content development, design, media selection, production, delivery, and budget requirements.

Common communications include:

  • Targeted enrollment and new hire materials
  • Newsletters, benefit guide, benefits-at-a-glance, election forms, posters, payroll stuffers, flyers, PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Mobile apps
  • HTML email announcements
  • Content, messages and ideas for in-house publications
  • Onsite employee meetings
  • Web-based employee meetings
  • Online company benefit portal
  • Ongoing relevant and timely employee benefit / wellness education newsletters
  • Topic-specific communication campaigns tied to your overall benefits strategy, such as wellness programs
  • Employee benefit statements / total compensation statements, and
  • Employee satisfaction surveys