In the world of Employee Benefits, there is rarely a cookie cutter solution that will meet all of the needs of your employees. To account for the unique needs and challenges of every business, Specialty Benefits have become an important part of any Employee Benefits program for employers and their employees.

Alera Group has expertise in offering these important benefits and can help HR and Benefit teams evaluate, develop, implement and service customized program to perfectly suit your employees and your business.


Why Offer Specialty Benefits?

  Employees look to their employer to provide access to benefits they may not be able to get on their own
  Create a financial safety net for employees’ out-of-pocket costs
  Benefits offered through the workplace can be more cost effective for your employees
  Provides employee education to increase appreciation of your benefits program
  A robust benefits package can recruit and retain talented employees
  Benefits can be offered at little-to-no cost for the employer since these benefits are employee-paid

Alera Group’s Specialty Benefits Team can conduct an unbiased review of worksite plans to benefit you and your employees in the following ways:

  • Coordinate the coverage offered by the current medical and non-medical carriers to make recommendations regarding complementary worksite plans
  • Identify plans that offer the most value to you and your employees based on your specific needs
  • If employees already have worksite plans, our team can identify opportunities to enhance the existing plans or make recommendations for another provider
  • Offering a robust benefits package to help build a more loyal and satisfied workforce