How Do You Stack Up?

Taking care of your employees is a critical part of your job, and you work hard to make sure you’re attracting and retaining talent with your benefits. But do you know how you stack up against your competitors? Could their benefits be attracting potential candidates toward their open positions instead of yours or, even worse, attracting your current employees?
You need a way to see how you stack up against your competition with simple, easy to understand data that can help you become an employer of choice.

Simple. Customized. Powerful.

To answer these questions, you need a team that has done this before. Alera Group’s international benefits team has been guiding companies through their transition into the United States for more than twenty years, helping companies from all over the world handle United States employee benefits. 

Our team takes a hands-on approach with your transition by educating you about employee benefits requirements through live training sessions designed to familiarize you with what’s required of employers in the US. We provide a detailed timeline overviewing the process of providing your benefits and offer an easy-to-understand checklist to help you understand where your company is in the transition process.

Alera Group’s benchmarking makes understanding your benefits easy. Our online survey can be completed in 30–45 minutes* and will save your progress if you need to step away. It is run by Milliman, one of the most highly respected actuarial consulting firms in the United States.

Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a comprehensive benefits benchmarking report that’s customized for your firm. Our customized reports explain how your benefits stack up against companies that are your size, in your industry or in your area in simple terms that allow for immediate action. This allows you to benchmark:

Medical Plans
Dental, Life & Disability Benefits
Innovative Benefits & Strategies
Specialty Benefits
Over 100 Additional Elements Based on Your Specific Needs

*Having all of your current benefits plan information available before taking the survey is helpful to complete it. All of your information is confidential and will not be shared with outside parties.

The survey will reopen Spring 2020!

Contact us at corporate headquarters or find a local Alera Group firm to address your Employee Benefits needs.