Supply and Demand

There are a limited number of people on the planet that can greatly add stockholder value for any company. Because of this scarcity, the competition to attract and retain these talents is fierce. If you don’t provide the right incentives to stay, your top talent can (and will) leave for a company that will adequately reward them for their skillsets.

To attract and retain these elite resources, you need an effective Executive Compensation Strategy. You need to balance salary, short-term incentives, long-term incentive plans, employee benefits, paid expenses, insurance and more to remain competitive, all while making sure you don’t break your budget in the process.

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Rewards and Savings

Our veteran team of Executive Compensation experts will work with you to create a customized, tax-efficient program to help meet your company’s business needs as well as the personal needs of your top employees and executives. Our strategy will help you properly acknowledge the impact that your key employees have made on your business, encouraging them to continue to make a yearly impact on your company’s operations and profitability.

While “Pay for Performance” is a common method for determining executive compensation, we also have experience with Deferred Compensation Strategies, Salary Continuation Plans and Executive Bonus Strategies to make sure your program adequately fits your company’s unique situation.