Opportunities and Landmines

If your business is expanding into the United States, you know that proper planning is essential. An improper setup, acquisition or transition could cost your company thousands of dollars; there are no shortcuts for this process. 

With all the opportunity that comes with expanding to America comes a tremendous difference: there is no national health care system for working age adults. As a United States employer, you will be expected to provide, administer and ensure compliance of your firm’s health care and social welfare benefits. 

How will you identify the appropriate level of benefits? How will you estimate and then manage the costs of running an employee benefits program? How will you obtain and implement the benefits your American operation needs to succeed?

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Bringing business to the United States is rewarding but challenging. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure your business is positioned for success for years to come.

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Your US Benefits Navigators

To answer these questions, you need a team that has done this before. Alera Group’s international benefits team has been guiding companies through their transition into the United States for more than twenty years, helping companies from all over the world handle United States employee benefits. 

Our team takes a hands-on approach with your transition by educating you about employee benefits requirements through live training sessions designed to familiarize you with what’s required of employers in the US. We provide a detailed timeline overviewing the process of providing your benefits and offer an easy-to-understand checklist to help you understand where your company is in the transition process.

Position your Business for Success in the US

Alera Group will guide you through providing, administering and ensuring compliance of Employee Benefits in the United States.