Could your organization go forward without your leaders? If an executive is suddenly lost, Key Person Insurance and Business Continuation Insurance gives you and your team time to find the right person to step in that gap. With this coverage, you’ll never be left without leadership.

Our Key Person Insurance experts offer the following to help make sure your business stays on course, no matter what happens to your leadership:

Business Continuation With Alera Group
Business Continuation With Alera Group

Peace of Mind

The organization can run knowing that, even with serious loss, service will continue to clients and the business can continue to grow.

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Provide Options

Faced with unexpected loss, businesses often have to declare bankruptcy. Key Person Insurance allows the organization to take time to evaluate the right path forward—instead of immediate closure.

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Business Continuation

Things won’t grind to a halt after a tragic loss. Key Person Insurance makes it possible for your organization to carry on.

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