alera group coverage GPS


When your business insurance renewal comes, we want you to feel prepared. Our Coverage GPS simplifies the process by outlining your existing policies, their renewal dates and their limits, while also identifying gaps in your current coverage.

Through the Coverage GPS, we have helped organizations by:


Simplifying the renewal process by providing an easy to read “snapshot” of the existing Commercial Insurance Program


Providing a graphic overview of the whole risk management and insurance program that avoids the use of complicated terms or hard to understand insurance language


Identifying coverage gaps and important insurance coverages that are non-existent and that the client may be unknowingly “self insuring”


Providing peer data upon request illustrating the coverages, limits and premiums for policies being purchased by similar organizations

Success often includes risk.

Alera Group Risk Management helps businesses determine how to best mitigate risk through our innovative Coverage GPS solution. Our services go beyond a simple insurance policy; we structure your commercial insurance program to include an ongoing review of your needs and vulnerabilities, creating the best coverage to meet your business goals and objectives.

We ask the right questions, gaining a deeper understanding of your current and future needs. Our knowledge, experience and independent relationships with top carriers enable us to structure comprehensive, cost-effective coverage programs for even the most complex businesses.

Change the way you view insurance.

Here’s how the Coverage GPS helps companies proactively access their risk: