Professional and Financial Solutions

Empower your people and your business

Businesses face countless risks, from cyberattacks to financial fraud, that can have devastating consequences. Alera Group’s professional and financial solutions provide the tools and coverage your organization needs to proactively protect against these threats, empowering confident leadership and enabling your team to focus on growth.

Boost your competitive advantage

Safeguard your team and your assets against today’s myriad of potential threats. Alera Group crafts customized solutions to ensure your business is prepared to face any challenge.


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Cyber and Technology Liability

A cyberattack can threaten your business at its very core. Don't wait for a breach to take action. Our team of cyber liability experts identify coverage gaps, tailor a solution and negotiate competitive pricing to meet your program needs. 

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Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance shields the personal assets of board members and executives from lawsuits initiated by shareholders, suppliers and customers. Moreover, it safeguards your organization by reimbursing legal defense costs when it's directly named in a lawsuit. 

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Employment Practices Liability

Protect your company's reputation and finances by preventing disputes from escalating into lawsuits. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) shields your business from employee lawsuits that allege legal rights violations.

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Fiduciary Liability

As a steward of an employee benefits plan, your fiduciary responsibility cannot be taken lightly. Fiduciary Liability Insurance safeguards the individuals or entities who oversee those plans from allegations of mismanagement. 

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Kidnap and Ransom

Today’s world is increasingly unpredictable. Be sure you have coverage in place to protect your team and your organization against financial losses resulting from kidnapping, extortion and ransom demands.

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Surety Bonds

Your surety needs deserve a partner with a competitive edge. Alera Group specializes in surety solutions both domestically and internationally, delivering unique, industry-specific strategies and innovative solutions. Our Surety offerings include:

-License and permit bonds

-U.S. Customs bonds

-Miscellaneous bonds

-Court bonds

-Workers’ compensation bonds

-Performance and payment bonds

-Supply/supply-and-install bonds

-Maintenance/warranty bonds.

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Trade Credit Insurance

Safeguard your company's cash flow and equity against customer payment defaults. Trade Credit Insurance ensures business continuity and protects your bottom line so you can continue to grow your business with confidence.

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Transactional Risk Coverages

Risk is an inherent part of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Alera Group’s Transactional Risk Insurance helps lower your total risk cost with comprehensive risk support that spans the lifecycle of your M&A deals.

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