Actuarial and Finance

Deep In-House Actuarial Services to Guide Your Plan

When it comes to managing rising healthcare costs, Alera Group offers the actuarial and finance expertise you can count on to optimize your benefits plan and drive value to your organization and employees.

Alera Group’s dedicated actuarial team can help you:

  • Develop program strategy with a long-term view of costs and potential claims liability
  • Determine the impact of program and vendor changes
  • Set program budgets for planning and reporting, and monitor emerging experience against budget
  • Analyze claims experience and population health trends
  • Support for retiree plans, including an analysis of creditable coverage, retiree drug subsidy (RDS) attestations and actuarial valuations.


Financial Management Approach

Alera Group offers comprehensive financial management services and analysis across all aspects of your benefits program, including:

Program Strategy

Develop a baseline of long-term costs and potential cost variability. Assess the potential impact of a program strategy and vendor changes and conduct a risk assessment.

Cost Projections

Develop and update budget projections, set rates and provide long-term cost projections.

Plan Governance

Provide regular monitoring and an executive dashboard, identify key cost drivers and conduct large claims reporting.

Financial Reporting & Reserving

Establish incurred but not paid (IBNP) reserve, conduct retiree medical valuations and provide quarterly financial reporting support.

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Events and Webinars

Employee Benefits

2024 Employee Benefits Symposium

Join us (in person) as we bring together top experts covering key healthcare trends, population health management, pharmacy and more. Enjoy a great breakfast while you gain valuable takeaways for your organization.

April 16, 2024 at 08:30 am CT | Glenview IL

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2024 Employee Benefits Symposium

Employee Benefits

Finding, Using and Transitioning Out of a PEO

Your company is small, and limited resources make it difficult to manage a robust benefits program. Time to explore outside support from a professional employer organization (PEO). But where to begin?

April 18, 2024 at 01:00 pm CT | Virtual

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Webinar graphic - Alera Engage

Employee Benefits

Supporting Women’s Health Month: Trending Employee Benefits

In this session, we’ll talk about how employers are helping female employees and dependents be their best through every phase of life: From fertility, maternal care and parenting to peri/menopause, caregiving and mental health. 

May 16, 2024 at 01:00 pm CT | Virtual

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Webinar graphic - Alera Engage



Employee Benefits

Webinar: The Ins and Outs of PEOs

Providing employees with a robust benefits program is vital to attracting and retaining staff while growing an organization, but many small and medium-sized businesses lack the resources and time necessary to manage such a program. Professional employer organizations (PEOs) offer a solution. Alera Group's April 15 webinar, "Finding, Using and Transitioning Out of a PEO" will address the basics and help you strategize.

April 4, 2024

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Employee Benefits

Show Why Your Voluntary Benefit Offerings Make You an Employer of Choice

If you’re a business owner or benefits manager seeking to optimize your employee benefits offerings, you won’t want to miss Alera Group’s March 21 Engage webinar, "How Voluntary Benefits Inspire Employee Loyalty." During the one-hour session, our panel of Alera Group experts will discuss how voluntary benefits serve employers as well as employees, enabling employers to show they recognize the varied needs of their workforce by providing supplementary offerings in a cost-effective manner.

March 5, 2024

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Employee Benefits

Webinar: Weight-Loss Drugs and Group Health Plans | Alera Group

Rising pharmacy costs are among the chief drivers of healthcare expenses for employers and employees, thanks largely to a surge in use of drugs you’ve seen advertised in those ubiquitous commercials. Given the cost of such drugs and their mixed record of success, employers and employees should exercise caution.

February 6, 2024

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Employee Benefits

Employers, Employees and Job-Flexibility Tradeoffs

Faced with one of contemporary business’s most prominent dilemmas – allow work from home or insist on return to work? – employers and employees alike must come to terms with an axiom: Life is a series of tradeoffs. Join us on Thursday, January 18, for "The Value of Flexible Work: Alera Group’s Tradeoff Study."

January 11, 2024

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