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Show Why Your Voluntary Benefit Offerings Make You an Employer of Choice

March 5, 2024

If you’re a business owner or benefits manager seeking to enhance your organization's reputation as an employer of choice, you won’t want to miss Alera Group’s March 21 Engage webinar, "How Voluntary Benefits Inspire Employee Loyalty." During the webinar, our Alera Group experts will discuss how voluntary benefits serve employers as well as employees, enabling employers to show they recognize the varied needs of their workforce by providing supplementary offerings in a cost-effective manner.

Many employers supplement their core employee benefits with voluntary benefit offerings, but do they do a good enough job of communicating those benefits’ availability and value? If you’re a business owner or benefits manager asking that question regarding your own organization, you won’t want to miss Alera Group’s March 21 Engage webinar, How Voluntary Benefits Inspire Employee Loyalty

During the one-hour session, our panel of Alera Group experts will discuss how voluntary benefits serve employers as well as employees, enabling employers to show they recognize the varied needs of their workforce by providing supplementary offerings in a cost-effective manner.  

Examples of common voluntary benefits include Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, gym memberships, Hospital Indemnity, identity theft protection, legal services, Life or Supplemental Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) and Life/LTCI hybrids, Pet Insurance and Supplemental Disability Insurance. 

The voluntary benefits you offer demonstrate to current and prospective employees that you recognize what they want and what they need in their total rewards program. 

About the webinar 

We’ll address coverages and more on March 21 as we:  

  • Update you on what’s available in the voluntary benefits market and at what cost; 
  • Explain the high-level support available for employee communications across multiple channels, enabling you to reach the members of your workforce in the manner they most prefer; 
  • Provide examples of voluntary benefits implementation across different industries; 
  • Address forms of benefits communications required for compliance with federal and state regulations. 

Joining me on the panel will be colleagues from around the country who specialize in the various stages of voluntary benefits program design and implementation: 

  • Jennon Caruth, Alera Group Voluntary Benefits and Enrollment Solutions  
  • Jennifer Kinley, producer with Alera Group’s office in Knoxville, TN 
  • Stuart Pflug, account manager in our Atlanta location. 

You’ll come away from the webinar with not only a greater understanding of voluntary benefits but also strategies for communicating their value in a way that makes you more competitive in the employment marketplace. 

Growing interest 

As the senior vice president of product and strategy for Voya’s Health Account Solutions division told Human Resource Executive for the November 2022 article “What’s behind the growing interest in voluntary benefits?”: “For HR and benefits leaders, if they want to remain an employer of choice in the future, they need to prioritize offering workplace benefits that their employees want and value in order to stay competitive. And it appears most employers are receiving this message loud and clear.” 

Employee Benefit News recently highlighted another timely reason to optimize your optimize your benefits program in its October 2023 article “Mitigate inflationary impacts and protect families with voluntary benefits.” A key takeaway: 

“While voluntary benefits plans can't fix inflation, they can help employees hedge against the impacts and be more financially comfortable with making timely decisions about their health and that of their loved ones. And with some voluntary benefits, that peace of mind can even extend beyond your partner, spouse and children.”  

Whether you’re looking to improve your organization’s overall benefits offerings or to communicate the value of an already robust voluntary benefits program, you’ll find our March 21 webinar an informative and engaging use of your time.  

You want current and prospective employees to recognize your organization as a great place to work. We can help. 



About the author 

Tina Santelli 
National Vice President of Voluntary Benefits Practice Leader
Alera Group 

As V.P. of Voluntary Benefits and national Enrollment Solutions practice leader, Tina Santelli is responsible for expanding Alera Group's specialty benefits solutions, enhancing offerings, education and services for clients of all sizes. She oversees all existing specialty benefits solutions, collaborating with key internal and external stakeholders to further drive engagement. She previously served as V.P. of Carrier Partner Management. 

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