Our Growth Strategy

Whether we are designing new tools to help our risk management clients, studying the latest behavioral finance research to improve our wealth management practices, or acquiring a new exciting firm to build our employee benefits business – growth is a critical part of our culture and our strategy for success.

Alera Group has a two-pronged growth strategy:

  1. Organic growth for our firms. Alera Group firms are committed to achieving industry leading organic growth through collaboration
  2. Acquisitive growth nationwide. Alera Group will only acquire high-quality, like-minded partners who share in our vision and values. This means that as Alera Group grows, so does our industry expertise, local relationships and collaborative culture.

Alera Group partner firms must:

  • Commit long-term to Alera Group
  • Share our culture and values
  • Be open to collaboration
  • Value an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Commit to growth and profitability
  • Desire equity ownership in Alera Group

What Makes Us Different

Our core principles are what make us stand apart from other companies. We believe in:

  • Collaboration – Developing world-class practices with innovative partners
  • Shared Resources – Helping our firms reach their full potential
  • Equity – Providing ownership and responsibility within the organization
  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit – Approaching solutions with future-facing creativity
  • The Client Experience – Working to build strong, trusted relationships
  • Building Together – Establishing an industry-leading organization
Our collaborative culture allows firms to continue to be themselves, maintaining their own unique local or niche focus, even after acquisition. Our national resources enable firms to maximize their service offerings and differentiators.

Collaboration is key. All Alera Group firms benefit from the same powerful national resources:

  • Strategic Vision & Leadership
  • Human Resources, Employee Benefits, & Payroll
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Sales & Operations
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Technology

But our company and our clients also benefit from each firm’s unique industry expertise and local relationships.

By focusing on our beliefs and values, and only partnering with firms that hold the same core tenets, we deliver exceptional client experiences and the best possible outcomes – positively impacting our employees, clients and the communities where we live and work.

Grow With Us

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