Employee Benefits

How Will the Economic Outlook Affect Your Talent Decisions?

June 18, 2024 from 11:30 am - 01:30 pm ET

HR Roundtable

What impact will the economic forecast have on your talent decisions? Seasoned People leader Julie East will lead a discussion to help us process how the future economy will affect the talent strategies within our companies. We will assess our current talent practices and determine if they align with upcoming trends. Through interactive discussion, we will share insights on what is effective and what needs improvement. Additionally, we will explore innovative talent strategies to ensure successful succession planning and preparedness for the future.


About the Speaker: 

Julie East | Founder and Managing Director, Julie East Coaching & Consulting

Julie East is an accomplished human resources professional and executive coach with a focus on helping leaders reach their full potential. With extensive experience in Fortune 500 companies and family-owned businesses, she recently served as Vice President of Talent, Org Effectiveness, and HR at Atlas Restaurant Group in Baltimore. In January 2024, she launched her consulting firm, Julie EastCoaching and Consulting. Julie holds certifications as a Certified Professional Diversity Coach and an Associate Certified Coach. She specializes in HR consulting, team coaching, and fostering strategic mindsets among leaders.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oklahoma State University and has completed programs in Instructional Design at the University of California and Change Management at Johns Hopkins University.

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