5 Ps of Employee Wellness

May 31, 2017

Investing in the well-being of your company’s employees is proven to give your company a competitive advantage. However, lifestyle change can be difficult. It is important to take small, incremental steps to help others get on board with the idea of a healthier lifestyle. Here are five easy and memorable ways that can help kick start employee wellness.

Promote Fitness

Encourage fitness by providing outlets for employees to succeed. Apart from healthy food in the café areas, create workout spaces within the office. This can be from placing exercise equipment in a designated section of the office or installing an indoor track to starting a group who walks during lunch breaks.

Personalize Events

Every employee has different health and medical conditions that may prohibit them from attending wellness activities. To make a wellness program effective, it is important to address the many different pre-existing health conditions and plan events accordingly.

Plan Activities

Make wellness fun! Take a poll in the office about what types of activities employees want to engage in. Events can range from more physically demanding exercises such as boxing, biking, or running to lower impact activities like yoga or stress management classes. A variety of events will attract more employees.


Just do it! The best way to motivate others is to join in and lead by example. A difference can be made no matter what position you hold. Encourage friends, co-workers, and bosses to get on board.

Provide Perks

People are always more motivated when a reward is involved. Whether this is by providing a bonus, prize, or public recognition, employees are more likely to work diligently toward a goal if they are compensated as a result. Some options include setting up a point system that tracks the accomplishment of employees or organizing a friendly competition between co-workers. Experiment with different rewards to see what gets employees engaged and active in the wellness program.