9 Areas of Focus for HR Right Now – Part 8 and 9

February 18, 2021
We are wrapping up our thoughts on key issues industry professionals are still up against as a result of the pandemic. We appreciate you taking the time to tune in, and we hope numbers 1-7 provided some useful insights or at least reassured you that you’re not alone. Here are our final thoughts (for now), numbers 8 and 9.   8. Benefits & Culture No matter where you work, things looked markedly different this year. HR professionals have been tasked with maintaining a culture virtually. Benefits professionals are wondering if what they offer is what is needed. Employees are facing… Continue Reading

9 Areas of Focus for HR Right Now – Part 7

January 11, 2021
Thanks for joining us on this nice little reflective exercise. There has been so much news to keep up with this year, that we thought it would be helpful to put pen to paper on our key COVID-19 takeaways. We hope our numbers 1 through 6 provided some food for thought, and also some helpful advice. We are back this week with number 7, and it’s a big one. 7. Leave & Accommodations Leave laws are always front and center for us at Alera Group, but this year we had different considerations. While this topic interplays with many of the… Continue Reading

9 Areas of Focus for Employers Right Now: Parts 5 and 6

December 17, 2020
Thanks for tuning back in as we share our most noteworthy reflections around how priorities have changed for folks in this industry. We hope you caught parts 1-2 and 3-4. After over six months of combatting COVID-19, we have figured a lot out, but questions remain. Here we are with numbers five and six on our list of key things employers should be focusing on. 5. Women in the Workforce Policies like maternal leave and breastfeeding accommodations have long been debated, but this year women are facing even more pressure. For one, it’s been reported that women continue to shoulder the burden… Continue Reading

9 Areas of Focus For Employers Right Now: Parts 3 and 4

December 14, 2020
We are back with more industry food for thought. We hope you caught #s 1 and 2, telework and workplace safety here. We are continuing on with more unique challenges HR, benefits and absence management professionals are still facing in light of the pandemic. 3. Mental and Behavioral Health Mental and behavioral health has long been a concern for employers, but COVID-19 complicated this area in a myriad of ways. Research shows that by the end of the year, it’s projected that someone will die by suicide every 20 seconds. This could be the next pandemic, in that COVID-19 will lead… Continue Reading

9 Areas of Focus for Employers Right Now: Parts 1 and 2

December 7, 2020
2020 has been a crazy year, and guess what? It’s not over yet. While we are still dealing with unusual circumstances and different challenges, we have all, to some degree, learned to roll with the punches over the last six months or so. But as we all devised solutions for issues we did not anticipate facing, questions still remain. As we reflected on DMEC’s annual (virtual conference) and our discussions with our employer clients and vendors, we started jotting those blurry areas and came up with nine items that are top-of-mind for benefits, HR and absence management professionals. 1. Telework For the most… Continue Reading

Richard Levitz

September 28, 2020
As the national Practice Leader for Alera Group's Retirement Services division, Rick is responsible for wealth management services offered throughout Alera Group, including individual insurance, investment and financial planning. Rick’s areas of focus include life insurance, estate planning, business succession and executive compensation strategies. In addition, Rick continues to work directly with clients focusing on complex planning needs for high net worth individuals. Education: BSBA in Finance from the University of Denver; Magna cum laude, University of Illinois College of Law Continue Reading
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Minimizing Cost, Preserving Quality with a Consumer-Driven Healthcare Plan

January 15, 2020
THE CHALLENGE An equipment dealer with twenty-five branches in nine states had two traditional medical plans and one HSA plan. Unfortunately, the company’s non integrated, partially self-funded medical plan was demonstrative of a misalignment of economic objectives between the employer and employees. THE SOLUTION Over several years, Alera Group implemented a full replacement CDHP, maintaining the same economic value of the original benefits while also establishing a fully integrated, partially self-funded medical program with substantially better network discounts. The company also implemented incentive-based biometric screenings and online heath assessments for employees and spouses with employee participation exceeding 85%. The Alera… Continue Reading

Cutting Down Medical Renewal Costs with an Employee-Centric HSA

January 15, 2020
THE CHALLENGE An industrial machinery company with 10 branches in 3 states had 7 fully insured medical plans between 4 different insurance companies. The company was suffering unsustainable, double-digit annual renewal increases in addition to a misalignment of economic objectives between the employer and employees. THE SOLUTION Over several years, Alera Group implemented a full replacement CDHP, maintaining the same economic value of the previously established benefits. Alera Group organized an alternative HSA plan to cover employee medical expenses to supplement the company’s self-funded HRA. The Alera Group team conducted health screenings to determine important areas of focus, leading to… Continue Reading
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Provider Sponsored Health Plans

November 13, 2017
During this educational webinar David Konrad offers BAN members and their clients an overview of how mid-market employers can direct contract with local provider systems, with an emphasis on how a provider sponsored health plan removes the insurance obstacles between patient and provider, while traditional insurance products do not encourage expense reduction by providers, employers or members, this plan aligns incentives for local, quality access to care and cost savings. Key areas of focus include how to implement a health plan that meets the needs of your community, how to deliver a health benefit strategy with a focus on preventative… Continue Reading

Rethinking Insurance for Senior Living Facilities

May 7, 2021
The vast majority of people who own, operate and staff America’s senior living and long-term care facilities have one thing in common: They truly do care about their fellow human beings, particularly the aging and the elderly. Yet after most senior living facilities responded with overwhelmingly admirable and effective action to a once-in-a-century global health crisis that hit their residents and employees especially hard, the industry finds itself facing a very different crisis – one of financial viability. Property and Casualty Insurance availability and costs pose existential threats to many senior facilities, with the proliferation of liability lawsuits and the social inflation of verdicts among the factors most responsible for the severely hardened market. Typically operating with narrow margins in… Continue Reading