COVID-19 Healthcare Utilization, Spending and Strategies

May 20, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted every aspect of our society. In addition to coping with illness and loss of loved ones, we’ve had to adapt to marked and evolving disruptions in our daily routines and livelihood.

The challenges associated with the pandemic have also changed our healthcare utilization, including the types of health services we receive, and the frequency and location of these services.

As a result, employers are seeing an impact to their healthcare spend and unique claims trends. At Alera Group, our analysis of over 300,000 lives revealed healthcare claim and spending trends including:

  • Increases in behavior health diagnoses and treatments

  • Decreases in preventative care visits, particularly during early stages of the pandemic

  • Increases of elective procedures that may have been deferred due to COVID-19 concerns

Employers need to take these factors into consideration as they plan for future healthcare spending in their organization’s benefit plans. Learn more about what pandemic impacts employers should consider by downloading our latest whitepaper: COVID-19 Healthcare Utilization, Spending and Strategies.