Employee Benefits Outlook and Solutions for 2023

January 9, 2023

Global and national events of the past few years have made a major impact on employers, pulling employee benefits into the spotlight for the C-suite as managers and HR teams grapple with unprecedented challenges. The aftermath of these events will continue to affect employers and employees throughout 2023, requiring solutions to issues including: 

  • Ongoing effects of COVID-19 on health and wellbeing; 

  • Upheaval from the Great Resignation;  

  • High inflation;  

  • International unrest;  

  • Regulatory uncertainty.  

Alera Group’s first Employee Benefits Market Outlook provides valuable insights on what you can expect this year from a benefits perspective, bringing into focus the key factors driving these trends and what organizations should think about with respect to addressing their challenges.  

We invite you to join us on Thursday, January 19, for a one-hour Alera Engage webinar, Informing Your Strategy: Introducing Alera Group’s 2023 Employee Benefits Market Outlook. During the session, we’ll highlight the trends, address those key factors and discuss the options available to employers of various sizes and in different industries.  

Without a clear picture of the employee benefits landscape, attempting to navigate the avenues and obstacles can be overwhelming. Our webinar and Market Outlook will help set you on the path to an employee benefits program that enables you to attract and retain employees while operating within your budget. 

Among the topics we’ll cover are:  

  • Healthcare costs and the impact of inflation; 

  • Employee mental health; 

  • Balancing benefits enhancement and cost containment; 

  • Absence/disability management; 

  • Voluntary benefits; 

  • Regulatory changes; 

  • Strategies that enable organizations and employees to thrive. 

Of course your local Alera Group office is also available to you as a resource for your employee benefits and HR needs. And if you’re not currently an Alera Group partner, attending our January 19 webinar can serve as your introduction to our services and expertise, as well as to the Employee Benefits Market Outlook. 


About the Author 

Sally Prather 

Executive Vice President, Employee Benefits 

Alera Group 

Sally Prather has more than 25 years of experience helping clients, associates and businesses achieve their goals through growth-oriented insurance, benefit and HR solutions. 

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