Federal Emphasis Programs And You- Region 3

October 14, 2019

Each year Federal OSHA issues National Emphasis Programs (NEPs), which cover all of the Federal OSHA-mandated States in the United States.

Recent NEP’s have included focus on:

  • Trenching and Excavation (2018)

  • Combustible Dust (2008)

  • Amputation (2015)

In addition to NEP’s, each OSHA Region (there are10 across the country) also has Local Emphasis Programs (LEP’s) and/or Regional Emphasis Programs (REP’s).

Each of these are enforcement strategies designed and implemented at the regional office and/or area office levels. These programs are intended to address hazards or industries that pose a particular risk to workers in the office's jurisdiction. The emphasis programs may be implemented by a single area office, or at the regional level (Regional Emphasis Programs) and applied to all of the area offices within the region. These LEPs will be accompanied by outreach intended to make employers in the area aware of the program as well as the hazards that the programs are designed to reduce or eliminate. This outreach may be in the form of informational mailings, training at local tradeshows, or speeches at meetings of industry groups or labor organizations.

We are located in OSHA Region 3, which includes:  PA, DE, DC, VA, WV, & MD.  The current actionable LEP’s and REP’s are listed below, with active links to the enforcement directives behind each of them.

If you or your company fall into the actionable functions or operational categories, there is a more likely chance that a compliance inspector may visit you for a “scheduled” inspection. “Scheduled”, as in they are looking more closely at your category, not “scheduled”, as in they will call ahead to let you know they are coming!

If you have any questions regarding resources or assistance with compliance, please feel free to contact the Risk Management Department here at HMK Insurance. We would truly appreciate the opportunity to see you in advance of that potential “knock on your door”.

Jade Simmers

Risk Management Director