Helping Nonprofits Solve Insurance, HR Challenges

July 13, 2022

People who work for and direct nonprofit organizations tend to have a can-do attitude — a determination to solve problems that can be solved and mitigate those that can’t. That helps explain how most nonprofits not only survived the first two years of the pandemic but actually managed to maintain fundraising levels amid a hindered economy while responding to heightened demands for services. 

According to the organization Independent Sector, those heroic efforts resulted in nonprofits adding $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy in the first quarter of 2022 alone

But now, perhaps more than any time since the Great Depression, society’s helpers need help. Inflation, labor shortages brought about in part by the Great Resignation and other after-effects of COVID-19, various global crises and catastrophic events within the U.S. have taxed many nonprofits to their limits.  

The insurance market was among the first to experience the current bout of inflation — with rate increases and underwriting restrictions that began just before the pandemic — and the Great Resignation has pushed employers to step up efforts to attract and retain qualified personnel, adding to the burdens of already overworked HR staff. 

To address these issues, Alera Group subject matter experts have collaborated on a timely whitepaper, “Insurance and Benefits for Nonprofits: Innovative Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges.” In the document, you’ll find: 

  • An update on the market for Property and Casualty Insurance covering nonprofits;  

  • A summary of basic insurance coverages most nonprofits need;  

  • Information on cyber risks and solutions;  

  • Alternative solutions, such as captives, for transferring risk;  

  • A guide to employee benefits and HR services that can help you attract and retain employees;  

  • Links to resources that enable you to take a deeper dive into relevant topics.  

Nonprofits need help. In April, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported through the Associated Press: “Nonprofits of all kinds are getting hit hard by inflation, experts say. Price and wage increases are hurting nonprofits in multiple ways, making it harder to keep up with their own basic operational expenses while also forcing them to curtail the services they provide.” 

In the months since, as inflation has worsened and public anxieties about the economy have heightened, the challenges to nonprofits have only become greater. Our whitepaper isn’t a magic formula for overcoming those challenges, but it is a guide to addressing those challenges and arriving at solutions. In short, it’s one small part of our effort to help. 

To access the whitepaper, click on the link below. 


About the Authors 

Raymond Armstrong, CIC, CWCA 

Senior Account Executive 

Sylvia Group, an Alera Group Company 

Joe Enright 


Alera Group 

Joel Jarvis 


Alera Group 

Between them, Raymond Armstrong, Joe Enright and Joel Jarvis have more than 60 years of experience serving the needs of nonprofit clients, Ray and Joel with Property and Casualty Insurance solutions, Joe with plan designs for organizations’ employee benefits programs. And their service has gone well beyond their professional roles, all three volunteering their time and efforts as board and committee members, event staff and sports coaches.