Resources for Reopening a Workplace Amid COVID-19

May 20, 2020

With the nation in various stages of reopening from shutdowns related to COVID-19, businesses and other organizations are following procedures to keep their employees and their customers safe. Some are in the planning stages, while those that never closed are operating differently from how they did before the pandemic. Some have adapted well, while others have found themselves unprepared for reopening a workplace amid COVID-19.

Don't be unprepared. Resources are available to help you succeed. Use them.

If you're on your way to reopening, a great guide to get you there and keep you going is Alera Group's Road Map to Reopening a Worksite. The map outlines three phases:

  1. Strategize and Plan

  2. Working During COVID-19

  3. The New Normal

Each phase is broken into multiple steps, and each step includes considerations necessary to avoid getting tripped up.

To download, click here

Webinars, Whitepapers and More

While the Road Map to Reopening a Worksite is a broad guide to get you through reopening and beyond, the landscape created by this coronavirus is evolving and complex. There are applications to submit; federal, state and municipal regulations to follow; and concurrencies to consider.

Navigating this landscape requires information and tools such as the Roadmap, much of which you can find in Alera Group's Coronavirus Resource Center. Content in the center includes:








  • FAQs


Among the recorded webinars in the Coronavirus Resource Center is the May 13 session Restarting and Rethinking Your Workforce, which expands on the Road Map. You may also be interested in a whitepaper that examines how employers of various sizes and in different industries have responded to the economic and health crises created by the coronavirus, the COVID-19 Employer Pulse Survey.

Additional Resources for an Increasingly Online World

Alera Group clients also have access to AleraHR, an enhanced version of the ThinkHR suite of resources that includes hotline access to HR experts, webinars, an extensive library of HR materials and comprehensive online training.

AleraHR's Pandemic Response Training series launched last week with titles including:

  • "General Information about Coronavirus and COVID-19"

  • "Assessing Your Organization’s Risks"

  • "Responding Effectively to Risks"

  • "Managing in a Crisis"

  • "Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience"

  • "Establishing Effective Virtual Teams"

  • "Leading Teams: Managing Virtual Teams"

For more information about AleraHR, click here

Guidance from a Trusted Advisor

If all that seems a bit overwhelming, I get it. Sometimes it's good just to be able to talk with a knowledgeable professional you know you can trust to look out for your best interests and provide informed advice. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Alera Group advisor or email us at to be connected to a local firm. 


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