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Rethinking Your Business’ Insurance: The Captive Option

August 30, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many facets of our life and forced us to rethink what we consider normal. There have been many things we have had to change about our lives over the course of the pandemic.

From an insurance perspective, the last couple of years have seen hardening markets – i.e., the commercial markets have increased rates at a brisk pace. In many cases, the increases are not based on a group’s claims experience, but rather are driven by market forces. Given the increasing cost of insurance, many employers have been looking at options to help control insurance costs. Captive insurance has been a great option.  

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that captive insurance has experienced its greatest growth during the pandemic.

One advantage of captive insurance – be it for health insurance or property and casualty (P&C) – is the degree of transparency it provides its members. Captives help participants understand the various components of insurance and provide a clear mandate for the costs of the program. Most importantly, captives make it possible to generate savings by recapturing “excess” premiums paid to commercial markets. There are many advantages and nuances to a captive program, and we look forward to discussing them in more detail in our upcoming webinar on September 16.

Captives can help organizations with substantial cost savings, ranging between 5% to 50% on the basis of a variety of factors including lines of risk and captive program structure. In addition, captive programs stabilize member organizations’ insurance expenditures by creating greater predictability of future claims and afford them greater control over benefit offerings that attract and retain employees.

If your business is facing increasing cost of insurance and is looking for a sustainable solution, the question likely isn’t “Should we consider moving to captive insurance?” but rather, “Why haven’t we?”

Answering Your Captive Insurance Questions

On Thursday, September 16, Alera Group will focus on captive insurance and health benefits during a one-hour webinar, “Using Captives to Get Control of Your Benefits Spend: Optimizing Your Health Plans.”

Joining me for the presentation will be some of our Alera Group teammates who have many years of experience with captives and are leveraging unique solutions to help their clients navigate these trying times.

In addition to gaining an overview of captive insurance – including its challenges, as well as its advantages – participants will be eligible for continuing education (CE) credits from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). To register, click on the link below.


To learn more about captive insurance and how it can help your organization achieve its goals, join us for our September 16 webinar, or simply contact Alera Group.


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