On the Road Again – But With Insurance

November 1, 2019

Traveling for work can be exciting, but only if you know that your coverage has your back! Whether you're traveling by plane, train or automobile, you can have peace of mind knowing that your travel insurance can protect you against every traveler's worst nightmares. 

One way to ensure their lives are easier is by providing business travel insurance. While travel insurance policies vary, they usually include:

•    Cost of emergency medical evacuations and repatriation coordination. Evacuation from another country can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Evacuation for security reasons also can be expensive.

•    Reimbursement for essentials while the airline searches for lost luggage.

•    Medical and dental costs, including locating local medical facilities. This is important if employees travel outside the United States since their health insurance might not be valid in other countries. Some health coverage might only operate on a reimbursement basis. This means the employee must pay for treatment out of their own pockets and wait for reimbursement by their insurance company.

•    Trip cancellation coverage for non-refundable expenses when a trip is canceled for a covered reason, such as death in the family or illness.

•    Travel delay coverage provides some money for unexpected hotel, dining and transportation when travel is delayed for a covered reason.

•    Baggage coverage provides some reimbursement when luggage is irretrievably lost, damaged or stolen.

Business travel insurance also can provide emergency travel assistance services, such as locating alternative flights, tracking lost luggage and finding local medical care. Sometimes it can provide business-specific services and obtaining business equipment, translators, drivers and special event tickets.

Your business can pay for the coverage outright or employees can purchase coverage on a per-trip basis and be reimbursed. If the employee purchases the coverage, they should buy it right after making the first trip payment. This timing is important because some benefits, including pre-existing medical condition waivers; canceling for any reason and canceling for work reasons; only apply if the policy is purchased 10 to 15 days from when the trip deposit was made.

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