Weekly Wellbeing Resource: Healthy Distractions, Return to Office Leadership Tips and More

April 5, 2021

When it comes to wellbeing, employers often find themselves challenged by how to approach a shift from a traditional wellness model to a comprehensive and holistic program that supports the whole person. Below you'll find this week’s curated list of wellbeing resources. Feel free to share these resources, as appropriate, with your team. Have a safe and healthy week!

Career Wellbeing

  • 4 Ways to Overcome the Sunday Scaries – In a perfect world, a typical Sunday would be relaxing and refreshing.  But, for many of us, the end of the weekend brings a sense of dread about the coming week, often referred to as the Sunday Scaries.  Try these four adjustments to say goodbye to the Sunday Scaries and to transform your attitude for the week ahead.  .

Social & Family Wellbeing
  • The Best Virtual Things to Do at Home in April – With much of the world still spending much more time at home these days, many of us are looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained.  Thankfully, Timeout magazine shares a monthly list of live-streaming plays, music, talks, films, and other online events around the world.  Here’s what’s happening in April.

Financial Wellbeing
Physical Wellbeing
  • How to Sign Up for a COVID-19 Vaccine in Your State – The COVID-19 vaccines are here, but if it's your turn to get vaccinated, how are you supposed to sign up?  The answers vary by place, so NPR created a tool to help you understand how things work in your state and connect you with local resources. They also share guiding principles and advice for navigating the process.

  • The Best Spring Produce and How to Cook with It – Just because something is available in the grocery store year-round doesn’t mean it’s in season—and eating food that is in season means you get to enjoy fruits and vegetables at their peak texture and flavor. Read on for a list of the best spring produce, plus recipes you can make with each produce pick.

Emotional Wellbeing
  • Distract Yourself in Healthy Ways – With all that is going on in the world around us, it is understandable that many of us are looking for ways to distract ourselves.  Distractions help us escape from the intensity of life in a variety of ways.  How can you distract yourself in healthy ways and for healthy reasons?

  • 6 Quotes About Anxiety and What We Can Learn from Them – Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress and most of us experience it from time to time. In excess, however, anxiety can inhibit our ability to live a happy and healthy life. In this article by Talkspace, find six quotes about anxiety that we can all learn from.

Community Wellbeing
  • Heartwarming Videos as People Reunite with Family and Friends – As more and more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, families have started sharing videos of loved ones finally hugging again after spending so much time apart during the coronavirus pandemic.  It’s hard not to feel emotional watching these beautiful reunions!

Employer Focused Wellbeing
  • Resilience and Resistance Challenges from 365 Days of Desolation: Their Impact on Our Mental Health – Over the hectic past year of the COVID–19 pandemic, many obstacles have blocked the feeling of “normalcy” in both a personal and professional sense. Michael Blanche, MSS, LCSW, will review some of these possible trials and tribulations experienced in the previous 365 days and will focus on the impacts these instances have had on mental health.  Thursday, April 8th at 1 PM ET.  This is part one of a four-part series hosted by Alera Group.

  • When (and If) Employees Return to the Post-Pandemic Office – What Leaders Need to Know – As the COVID-19 pandemic moves towards the second quarter of 2021, and society continues to open, leadership teams are considering when (and if) employees will return to the post-pandemic office. Although an estimated 25 percent of Americans will continue to work from home in 2021, many more employees will be called back to their office as vaccine distribution ramps up. Here’s what leaders need to know—and five questions for them to consider—to lay the groundwork for a successful transition.