Weekly Wellbeing Resources: AAPI Mental Health, Mindfulness Apps and More

March 22, 2021

Career Wellbeing

  • What a Compassionate Email Culture Looks Like – Email culture is broken and fixing it will require a concerted effort. To start, individuals must think bigger than protecting their own inboxes, focusing instead on reducing the collective email traffic of the team as a whole. The authors of this article review the basics of email etiquette and suggest three strategic habits that can help teams and organizations move toward what they call a compassionate email culture.

Social & Family Wellbeing
  • 5 Exercises to Help You Build More Empathy – Empathy — or understanding the thoughts and feelings of the people around us — is one of the most important and most trying parts of being social creatures. But what exactly is empathy? Why is it important?  And can we build more?

  • A Big List of Podcasts for Bigger Kids – There has been an explosion of new podcasts for children in the past year. Here are 30 of the best for kids between ages 6 and 10.

Financial Wellbeing
Physical Wellbeing
  • How Eliminating Gluten May Improve Anxiety and Depression – When it comes to diet and health, we most often think about physical health. But what we eat affects more than our bodies; it also affects our brains. Recent studies have shown that diet can have a profound impact on mental health conditions ranging from ADHD to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, OCD, dementia, and beyond.

  • 7 of Giada’s Favorite Formulas for Recipe-Free Healthy Meals – Celebrity Chef Giada DeLaurentiis is best known for classic Italian dishes but over the last 10 years, she realized that some of the foods she loved did not love her back.  Giada had to explore ways to make healthy food simple, accessible, and delicious.  In this article, she talks about seven of her favorite formulas for healthy, recipe-free meals.

Emotional Wellbeing
  • The Best Way to Get Unstuck – Sticky is a useful term for experiences that leave a deep impression because they stick around.  If you find yourself feeling the same emotion repeatedly—for example, frustration, anger, anxiety, or depression—you are not living in the present. Instead, the past is coming back for an unwanted visit.  Here are three practical ways to get unstuck.

  • Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention – The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 2,000 new meditation apps launched between 2015 and 2018, and offerings have only increased due to demand during the pandemic.  Mindful.org took the overwhelm out of finding the most valuable and easy-to-use mindfulness apps that are available free and narrowed it down to these five apps.

Community Wellbeing
  • Tips for Volunteering with Kids – The word "volunteering" may not make much sense to your young child, but even children as young as three can learn the value of helping people and places in need. Now is the time to start a lifelong commitment to giving. Here are some helpful ways to get your child involved in community service.

Employer Focused Wellbeing
  • Workplace Mental Health Resources for AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Professionals – Amidst the recent anti-Asian turmoil, discrimination, and violence, an intentional response by organizations can speak volumes about their culture around supporting their employees. The disproportionate impact on employment, ongoing discrimination, and violence against AAPIs, and hardship caused by the pandemic itself is predicted to lead to a mental health crisis for this community.  Mind Share Partners has compiled the following list of culturally competent resources to support this community, and resources for HR and People teams to better support employees.

  • Why Considering Your Employees’ Financial Wellness is an Absolute Necessity - You've been focused on your employees' financial futures for a long time. You likely have pride in your retirement plan offerings, as you should. Yet, these last 12 months have shown us how fragile our employees' financial lives truly are.  Join Peter Dunn aka Pete the Planner®, personal finance expert and author, for a live event that will discuss how financial stress is impacting your team at work, at home, and even in their retirement planning. Additionally, you will gain practical knowledge on how you can partner programming with your retirement plan to give your employees holistic support.  Tuesday, March 23rd at 12PM ET.

  • A Candid Conversation about Women’s Mental Health in the Workplace – More and more, we are hearing about the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted women’s ability to perform at work, play caretaker at home, and maintain their mental wellbeing throughout it all.  Join Spring Health for this panel discussion that will explore the unique challenges that women face in addressing mental health.  Tuesday, March 23rd at 3 PM ET.

  • The State of Mental Health at Work and Where to Go from Here - In 2020, we saw a huge shift in the demand for better workforce mental health support–and in 2021, more employers than ever before are contemplating new and innovative ways to bridge this gap. Join Sandi Stein, Global Head of Benefits at Brown Brother Harriman, Chris Jackson, Territory Partnership Director at Lyra Health, and Amy Tippett-Stangler, SVP at Northeast Business Group on Health to hear the results of our first-ever yearly report on the state of mental health at work. We’ve collected data, trends, and insight from more than 1,000 employees and hundreds of HR and benefits leaders across the United States to illuminate what’s working, what’s not, and where to go from here to improve workforce mental health at their organizations.  Wednesday, March 24th at 1PM ET.