Weekly Wellbeing Resources: Election Stress, Student Debt Management, & Employee Recognition

October 19, 2020

The Alera Virtual Wellbeing Fair starts today! We hope you and your employees can join us!  Each day there are fitness breaks, mindfulness sessions, and a wide variety of Wellbeing breakout sessions.  Key sessions and registration links are noted below.  I am attaching some communications pieces you can use to let your employees know about the event.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Have a safe and healthy week!


Career Wellbeing

  • Kick Butt at Work: Play to Your Strengths – Do you go to work wanting to kick butt and win? Do you want to be engaged, productive and energized? Learn what drives Career Well-Being and what you can do by understanding the goals of your role, knowing your superpowers and recognizing your motivating needs. You may not be able to control what gets thrown at you, but you can manage how you respond.  Wednesday, October 21st  at 3 PM ET.

Social & Family Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

  • Practical Planning for Uncertain Times -  Join award-winning comedian and financial mind Pete Dunn (aka Pete the Planner) as he discusses how to find financial stability. Pete will help you evaluate your current monetary status and offer tips for safeguarding your financial future (whatever that future brings)  Tuesday, October 20th at 2 PM ET. 

  • How to Manage Student Loan Debt - Do you have questions about student loans? Maybe you're paying them off, or maybe you have a student about to enter college. Join Tuition.io as they talk about types of student loans and things you should know to help choose the best financial aid and repayment options for you.  Tuesday, October 20th at 3 PM ET. 

Physical Wellbeing

  • Pain-Free in the Real World: 5 Key Facts About the Body’s Design – Are you tired of that nagging backache or shoulder pain? Do you have pain radiating into our leg? Does it take a while to “loosen up” after sitting or sleeping? Learn innovative solutions to your pain problems, it begins with understanding the 5 key facts about your body's design. Tune in and take part in this interactive 1-hour webinar designed to help you move better and feel better. As part of this session, you will receive a copy of the MoveWell® Daily Dozen, twelve bodyweight-oriented exercises. Wednesday, October 21st at 2 PM ET.

  • Understanding Why What We Eat Matters – How does our diet impact COVID-19? What does proper nutrition look like?  How can proper nutrition reverse metabolic syndrome?  Join Zillion for this discussion on Thursday, October 22nd at 2 PM ET. 

  • Ergonomics and the Perfect Day - Employees walk through their typical workday and learn innovative ways to set up their desks and workstations, stay hydrated, and access in-office and mobile stretch and reset videos to ensure healthy breaks throughout their workday.  Friday, October 23rd at 3 PM ET.

  • Daily 15 Minute Fitness Breaks – Join Burnalong for a series of 15-minute fitness breaks all week long.  Monday: No More Tech Neck, Tuesday: Cardio Blast, Wednesday: Office Workout, Thursday: Standing Abs, Friday: Get Your Dance On.  12 PM ET Daily, October 19-23. 

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Managing Stress and Burnout - We know that 2020 has added stress to all our lives. Dr. Myra Altman from Modern Health gives us some tips and tricks on how to effectively manage and mitigate stress and burnout while at the workplace.  Friday, October 23rd at 2 PM ET.

  • 5 Powerful Life Lessons From a 2 Time Olympic Medalist – Join 2-time Olympic medalist, Shannon Bahrke, as she shares with us 5 powerful life lessons of how to get through these scary and uncertain times to shine our brightest self and be proud of what we can accomplish when pushed to the limit.  Monday, October 19th at 3 PM ET. 

  • Daily Stillness Series – Join Namaste Wellness for a series of 15-minute mindfulness breaks all week long.  Monday: Mindfulness & Meditation, Tuesday: Neck & Shoulder Chair Yoga, Wednesday: Breathwork to Cultivate Calm, Thursday: Guided Relaxation, Friday: Mindfulness Meditation.  12:40 PM ET Daily, October 19-23. 

Employer Focused Wellbeing

  • Help Your Employees Navigate Election Stress - Join Lyra on October 20th as Endeavor's CHRO, Kerry Chandler, talks about her experiences navigating election stress within various organizations and discusses tactics HR and benefits leaders can leverage to support their teams now through November 3rd. 

  • Using Mindfulness and Performance Management During Time of Change - Join Headspace and Reflektive to learn how to best navigate corporate shifts with mindfulness and performance programs.  You will learn the latest research on performance management and mindfulness, how to leverage mindfulness and performance programs during times of uncertainty, tips for managing a remote workforce, and more.  Wednesday, October 21st at 1 PM ET.