Weekly Wellbeing Resources: Ergonomic Balance, Disconnect Fridays and More

April 12, 2021

When it comes to wellbeing, employers often find themselves challenged by how to approach a shift from a traditional wellness model to a comprehensive and holistic program that supports the whole person. Below you'll find this week’s curated list of wellbeing resources. Feel free to share these resources, as appropriate, with your team. Have a safe and healthy week! Please note that there will not be a weekly resource article next week.

Career Wellbeing

Social & Family Wellbeing
Financial Wellbeing
  • 14 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances This Year – Just like with our houses, if we don’t tend to our finances on a periodic basis things can get messy. Set aside some time this spring to review your finances so that you finish the end of the year in better financial shape than when you started it.

Physical Wellbeing
  • Achieving Perfect Ergonomic Balance – Workstation design and configuration are often linked directly to worker discomfort. Check out these tip sheets from Humanscale for how to configure the healthiest seated and sit/stand workstation configurations.

  • How to Spring Clean Your Diet in 7 Simple Steps – If your healthy eating goals have fallen by the wayside during the pandemic, don't worry, it's not too late to start afresh. Here are seven dietitian-approved strategies to clean up your diet.

Emotional Wellbeing
  • 5 Ways to Prioritize Your Mental Health and Achieve Work-Life Balance – There were so many changes to adjust to over the past year, many of us have not even had a chance to reflect. Whether you are feeling the strain on your emotional health or are struggling to create a balance between work and life, here are 5 helpful tips on how to make your mental health a priority.

  • Why It’s Important to Set Boundaries Emerging from Pandemic Isolation – As more and more places begin to open up, you may feel a bit of relief that the end of the pandemic seems near. But if jumping back into the way things were pre-COVID-19 makes you uneasy, setting boundaries can help. Here are some tips on setting boundaries, ensuring boundaries are guided by healthy caution vs excessive fear and managing when boundaries are broken.

Community Wellbeing
  • Want to Give Your Time? Check These 20 websites for Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteering is a selfless way to share your skills and passions with those in need. The internet is a wonderful tool for connecting us with people in need, both at home and afar. Whether you’re an organization looking to find volunteers or you’re a volunteer in need of a new project, here are 20 websites that match people with organizations in need.

Employer Focused Wellbeing
  • Resilience Toolbox Solutions: Individual Mindsets and Organizational Mental Health Culture – From individual mindsets to company culture, COVID’s mental health impact critically throws a wrench into many facets of life. Talkspace’s Rachel O’Neil, Ph.D., LPCC-S, and Cigna’s Jason Youngblood, MA, LPC, will discuss how individuals and teams can continue to be resilient, get the virtual assistance needed to do so, and grow personally and professionally despite the pandemic’s impact. Join us on Thursday, April 15th at 1 PM ET. This is part two of a four-part series hosted by Alera Group.

  • Don’t Give Your Employees Sick Days – Give Them Wellness Days and Disconnect Fridays – If we’re not physically ‘sick’, is it okay to take a sick day? With many employees feeling burned out and exhausted, a day off may be just what they need. One marketing company re-branded the term ‘sick days’ in hopes of turning something with a negative connotation into something more positive.

  • Race, Mental Health, and Equity in the Workplace – What does disparity really mean and how do you build strong DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in the workplace? How does DEI impact employee mental health and well-being in the workplace? How can employers ensure they support the health and well-being of all employees through programs, resources, benefits and more? What conversations, policies and practices are workplaces implementing that are making a positive difference in reducing racial disparities in the workplace and improving inclusion to ensure a healthy workplace for all? This session will explore these and related issues.  This webinar is being hosted by Right Direction on Tuesday, April 13th at 3 PM ET.

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