Weekly Wellbeing Resources: Women's Mental Health, Vaccination Volunteering and More

March 15, 2021

When it comes to wellbeing, employers often find themselves challenged by how to approach a shift from a traditional wellness model to a comprehensive and holistic program that supports the whole person. Below you'll find this week’s curated list of wellbeing resources. Feel free to share these resources, as appropriate, with your team. Have a safe and healthy week!

Career Wellbeing

  • Why Brilliant Leadership Minds Embrace the Rules of 1 Percent - It's really hard to make massive gains in skill and performance and talent, especially overnight. But it's fairly easy to make small changes every day.  This article shares how to make a major improvement by leveraging lots of small, easy wins.

Social & Family Wellbeing
  • How to Apologize to Your Kids – Raising your voice or losing your cool from time to time is inevitable, because we are human.  It’s what you do after that counts.

Financial Wellbeing
  • How to Save Money: 20 Simple Tips – We all have good intentions when it comes to saving money, but something always comes up.  We always plan to do better next month.  But the reality is, we’ll only start saving money when we start practicing healthy money habits and let our future needs take priority.  Here are some tips to help you get on the fast track to saving money.

Physical Wellbeing
Emotional Wellbeing
  • Power of Women Series – A series of therapist-led Circles designed to support and celebrate women and non-binary individuals across the globe. The series includes intimate spaces to support mothers, as well as sessions celebrating the power of women. Circles are live group sessions led by Modern Health therapists. You'll walk away from each session with skills to navigate challenges that may be impacting your mental health — whether at work, at home, or in your personal relationships.

  • Namaste Wellness Stillness Series – Looking for a 20–30-minute break to recharge?  Check out Alera’s Stillness Series offered by Namaste Wellness.  You can choose a session on mindfulness and meditation, neck and shoulder chair yoga, or guided relaxation.

Community Wellbeing
  • How to Volunteer at a COVID-19 Vaccination Site – Volunteering is a great way to help your local community in its COVID-19 vaccination efforts.  While they do seek medical professionals, there are also many logistical and administrative tasks that those without medical training can do, including traffic control and language translating services.

Employer Focused Wellbeing
  • A Candid Conversation about Women’s Mental Health in the Workplace – More and more, we’re hearing about the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted women’s ability to perform at work, play caretaker at home, and maintain their mental wellbeing throughout it all.  Join Spring Health on March 23rd at 3 PM ET for a panel discussion to look at how leaders in our communities and organizations can adapt to the unique needs faced by women today and provide support.

  • Productivity vs. Priority Overload: 3 Steps for Leaders – Many organizations face priority overload and too many priorities put mental health, burnout and performance at risk.  Leaders can use the organization’s purpose to focus priorities.

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