Weekly Wrap-up: Wellbeing Resources

June 15, 2020

I was catching up on some of Dr. Rosie Ward’s recent blogs yesterday and one point she made that resonated with me is that emotional literacy is becoming critical. She notes that whether people are processing the grief and trauma of this pandemic now or later, at some point it will hit them. Are the leaders in our organizations emotionally literate? Will they be able to tend to the fears and anxiety of those they lead and support? Do our employees know where they can go for support? These are some critical questions to ask ourselves and our organizations as we move through this next phase of the ‘new normal’. Many of our clients are working through these tough questions right now. 

Career Wellbeing

  Social & Family Wellbeing


  • How to Cultivate Deeper Connections with our Colleagues, Family, and Friends – New York Times bestselling author, Kelly Corrigan, speaks with LinkedIn’s Head of Social Impact, Meg Garlinghouse, to discuss her latest book ‘Tell Me More’, a deeply personal, honest and often funny examination of some of the key phrases that help foster connection in our lives. Tuesday, June 17th at 2 PM ET.


  • Understanding Your Child’s Mind: Better Parenting Through Neuroscience – Psychologist Chris Parrot will teach you how to model and teach emotion regulation, first by managing your own emotions, then by helping your children manage theirs. She will talk about how connection can help ease anxiety and discuss things we can do to remove perceptions of unfairness. Wednesday, June 17th at 11 AM ET. RSVP HERE*’Pay What You Want Wellness’, donation optional

  Financial Wellbeing

  • Sneaky Ways to Save Money – Ashley Feinstein Gerstley of the Fiscal Femme will make it easy for you to save by sharing powerful mindset reframes, sneaky strategies to trick yourself into saving money and systems that make these habits stick. 

  Physical Wellbeing

  • Tackling Insomnia, Anxiety, Weight, and Hormones Naturally with Esther Blum  - In this interview, Integrative Dietician, Esther Blum, discusses the best time of day to eat carbs to improve sleep (and not gain weight), keys to tackling insomnia without medication, the simple weight loss formula that works for all her clients and more.

  • Smoothie Makeover – If you’re looking to add some variety to your morning breakfast routine, here are some fresh and healthy smoothies that are worth a taste! 

  Emotional Wellbeing

  • Morning Vinyasa Yoga -Join Namaste Wellness for this FREE class which will help you breathe, stretch, and connect to your body to release stress. Thursday, June 19th at 7:30 AM ET. RSVP HERE

  • How to Feel Grounded: 7 Spiritual & Practical Tips – Gabby Bernstein says that to truly show up for ourselves and for each other right now, we need to feel grounded. Read her top tips

  Community Wellbeing

  • Help the Red Cross as they face “staggering” blood shortages – Shortages were building up as people stayed home with social distancing. But now, as states re-open and elective surgeries resume, the Red Cross is facing critical shortages. Find out where you can donate blood. 



For more resources and updates, check out our Coronavirus Resource Center at aleragroup.com/coronavirus/.


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Andrea Davis, Director of Wellbeing

Andrea joined Alera Group Northeast (formerly CBP) in July 2013, bringing over 15 years of experience in management consulting and strategic solutions. As the Director of Wellbeing, she is responsible for assisting with the development, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive wellness strategies for existing and prospective Alera Group clients. She provides assistance and support to Alera Group clients by developing personalized programs that fit clients’ unique health management needs, wellness program implementation, committee development, promotion and marketing of their programs to encourage participation. In addition, Andrea conducts program analysis and generates reports related to program participation, health assessment and client utilization. 


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