Wellbeing Resources: The Great Attraction, Workplace Mental Health Courses and More

November 8, 2021

When it comes to wellbeing, employers often find themselves challenged by how to approach a shift from a traditional wellness model to a comprehensive and holistic program that supports the whole person. Here's how we can help

Career Wellbeing

  • A Minute to Think – Do you have a minute to think? For most of us, the answer is probably no. As calendars are packed fuller than ever, we can easily drift from one meeting to another all day and then move straight into personal responsibilities. In this podcast episode, Juliet Funt, author of the new book A Minute to Think, will share why white space is so important and how to incorporate more of it into your calendar and life.

Social & Family Wellbeing

  • Being the Parent of That Kid - Do you notice the judgmental glances from other parents when you drop your child off at school or birthday parties? Can you sense the teacher is frustrated and fed up with your child? In this podcast, therapist Jennifer Kolari, talks about being the parent of “that kid." It is heartbreaking when you know your child is struggling and know that others don’t understand. In this episode, Jennifer will help you to learn powerful strategies that will help you understand your child, advocate for your child, and know that you are not alone.

Financial Wellbeing

  • How to Stop Spending Money When You’re Bored – We’ve probably all found ourselves aimlessly scrolling the internet or social media and seeing a product that seemed interesting. Next thing you know, we have added that item and 5 others to our cart. This is boredom spending, and it can be seriously hazardous to your bank account. Here’s how to cut back on spending when you’re bored and just really love “window shopping” online.

Physical Wellbeing

  • 20 Healthy Soups You Can Make in 20 Minutes – As the weather gets cooler, soothing soups are an appealing option for a warm lunch or dinner. Here are 20 soups that come together quickly thanks to quick ingredients like frozen or canned veggies.

  • The Best Workout Gear for When It’s Dark and Cold Outside – Now that daylight saving time has arrived, the sun will set even earlier. For many of us, that means it will be dark by the time we get home from work. This presents a unique challenge for those of us who prefer to workout outdoors. From reflective shoes to flashing vests, here’s how to keep your sweat sessions safe during the low-light fall and winter.

Emotional Wellbeing

  • 12 Ways to Sneak in Mental Health Breaks Throughout Your Day – While a full schedule of work and family duties may not afford you the opportunity for an hour, or even 20 minutes, of self-care per day, that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in some mental health breaks. Here are 12 quick and easy ways to give your mental health a little TLC during the day.  

  • Feeling SAD? How to Fight Back Against Seasonal Depression – Winter’s shorter days can lead to a serious slump. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in the seasons that tend to start in the late fall and continue into the winter months. Here are some helpful tips to ward off the winter blues.  

Community Wellbeing

  • 3 GoFundMes Making School Better Through Small Acts of Kindness – Our school-aged years are an impactful time where small acts of kindness and inspiration go a long way. When schools, classrooms, and teachers are welcoming and inclusive, it helps to set students up on the right path. Here 3 great projects to support that are bringing kindness to school campuses in a big way.

Employer Focused Wellbeing

  • Mental Health: Managing Stress & Year-End Burnout – As we enter the end of 2021, many of us may already be feeling the impact of stress and burnout creeping into our teams. As a people manager and/or organizational leader, taking care of your own mental health and the mental wellbeing of your employees is critical during the end of a busy year. This webinar will be held on November 18th at 2 PM ET.

  • Transforming the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction – Are you seeing your top talent flee in droves? If so, you're not alone, as employee turnover is up 2-3x over 2019. What if you could see this as an opportunity to attract the best talent by giving them what they want? Although higher salaries and flexible work play a role, the two reasons people leave are a lack of purpose and meaning (Edelman, 2021) and a lack of feeling like they matter and belong (McKinsey, 2021). Join Salveo Partners for this critical discussion and insightful webinar with special guest, Brandon Peele, CEO of Unity Lab and author of 4 books on purpose and leadership. He will share with you the latest research and best practices for attracting and retaining your workforce while creating an environment that fosters meaning and connection. Join the event on Wednesday, November 10th at 12 PM ET.

  • On-Demand Courses for Workplace Mental Health – In today's workplace, developing a core understanding of the foundations that support mental health at work is a valuable skill set for leadership, managers, and employees alike. Mind Share Partners has launched their first on-demand course “Foundations for Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces”. This self-directed course allows you to learn at your own pace and utilizes bite-sized, interactive learning for optimal retention. This course is priced at $30 to make it accessible to all. Mind Share Partners is a national nonprofit that is changing the culture of workplace mental health so that both employees and organizations can thrive.