Wellbeing Resources: Navigating Family Conflict, Sticking to a Holiday Budget and More

November 23, 2021

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! When it comes to wellbeing, employers often find themselves challenged by how to approach a shift from a traditional wellness model to a comprehensive and holistic program that supports the whole person. Here's how we can help

Career Wellbeing

  • Staying Sane at Work – Are you losing motivation and starting to wish you could hit the reset button? In this episode of the podcast Ten Percent Happier, Dan Harris interviews Dr. Laurie Santos to discuss science-based strategies for once again finding happiness in your career.

Social and Family Wellbeing

  • Headspace for Teens – In the last couple of years, there has been a significant spike in mental health problems among teens. Parents continue to struggle with the best way to help their children cope and manage their stress and anxiety. Recently, the app Headspace (designed to provide meditation and mindfulness exercises) has announced that all teens in the U.S. between the ages of 13 and 18 will be able to download their app for free.

Financial Wellbeing

  • 4 Tips for Your Pandemic Holiday Budget – With all the changes in the economy this year, many of us are starting to feel more anxious about the approaching holiday season. Fear of not getting all the gifts you need in time due to shipping delays coupled with rising inflation can lead to overspending. Here are some tips for managing your budget as you prepare for the holidays.

  • 12 Best Discount Shopping Apps – As you start your holiday shopping, having the right tools to maximize your savings can help you shop smarter.

Physical Wellbeing

  • Live Longer By Optimizing Your Immune System – In the midst of the pandemic and flu season, many of us are looking for the best way to boost our immune systems to fight off illness. In this episode of the School of Greatness podcast, Mike Mutzel discusses the effects fasting, exercise and getting out in nature have on your immune system.

Emotional Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing

  • USPS is in need of volunteers to handle letters to Santa – Are you looking for a way to give to families in need this holiday season? USPS has created a program that provides volunteers the opportunity to buy gifts for families who have written letters to Santa. Participating in a project like this is guaranteed to rekindle your belief in the magic of Santa.

Employer Focused Wellbeing

  • Caregiving and the Workplace –The pandemic has had a major effect on the role of caregivers. This Talking Benefits podcast episode discusses how employers can support the health of caregivers in the workplace.

  • The CEO of management consultancy Korn Ferry on How to Become a 'Radically Human' Leader –Now more than ever workplaces are realizing the importance of emotional intelligence. In this Insider article, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, explains why managers not only have to understand empathy, but adapt it into their own lifestyles to become more “human” leaders. 

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