Wellbeing Resources - Week of July 27th

July 27, 2020

Whether in grand gestures or subtle actions, there are so many ways our leaders are supporting the mental health of employees during this time.  One theme that continues to surface is the importance of being vulnerable and modeling healthy behaviors.  In a piece about mental health and the pandemic, Mind Share Partners shares the importance of managers and leaders visibly making mentally healthy choices so employees will do the same.  In being open and honest about your own personal challenges and sharing how you’re managing your own mental health during this time, you build connection and relatability and pave the pathway for better communication. 

For a lighthearted example of being vulnerable, Slack’s CEO, Stewart Butterfield, hosted an All-Hands staff meeting right from the comfort of his laundry room during the pandemic.  It was the only room in his house with good reception due to some ongoing construction!

Have a safe and healthy week!    

Career Wellbeing

How Women Can Build Powerful Mentoring Relationships – Women must be intentional with the relationships they create.  Savvy women invest in building those relationship with key people both inside and outside the organization.  Learn 4 steps to successful developmental relationships. 

Social & Family Wellbeing

Social: Fighting Loneliness and Strengthening Human Connection – Former US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, discusses why loneliness has grown (even pre pandemic), what the mental and physical effects of loneliness are and how we can strengthen human connection even in a time of isolation.  There are many great podcast interviews with him on the internet as well.  

Family: Wellness for Kids in the age of COVID-19 – This article by Namaste Wellness shares some great ideas for focusing on wellness with your kids (in the areas of movement, stillness, connection, and nutrition) during this uncertain time.


Financial Wellbeing

How to Prioritize Debt and Eliminate It – This quick video by Voya Financial talks about the types of debt and how to prioritize paying it off. 


Physical Wellbeing

Got 8 Minutes?  How to Build a Fat-Burning Burst Training Workout – Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Specialist, JJ Virgin, tells you how to put together an 8-Minute workout to boost metabolism, burn fat, and manage stress. 

Building Non-Negotiables into Daily Eating Habits – Being crystal clear around how you build pleasure into your eating and building play can help you create long lasting, realistic, sustainable changes over the long-term so you can stay on track.  Learn more in this quick video from RD Esther Blum. 

Emotional Wellbeing

Why and How You Can Start Meditating Now (Especially if You Think You Can’t) – Claiming your mind is too busy to meditate, is like saying you are too dirty to take a shower.  Learn this quick 4-step process to make meditation possible for you.

How to Stop Obsessive Thought Loops – Ruminating over these uncertain times can put us at war with our thoughts to the point that they become intrusive.  Learn how to break the cycle.

Community Wellbeing  

Four Teens Create COVID-19 Coloring Book for Children and Raise Money for Charity – What started as an economics class project for high school ended up ended up as a real business that has already generated $4,000 in charitable donations.  Get your COVID-19 coloring book here

Employer Focused Resources

The “E” (Equity) in DE&I: Why Diversity and Inclusion Can’t Happen Without It – Diversity and inclusion , or  D & I, is a hot topic right now but without the E - "Equity" - at the center, even the best D & I strategies will fail to build truly inclusive workplaces and employee experiences. Dr. Aletha Maybank, The American Medical Association's (AMA) first ever Chief Health Equity Officer, describes equity as "having the conditions, resources, opportunities and power to achieve optimal health" and is core to an employee's health and wellbeing. Join her for a conversation on how your organization can embed equity in your workplace. Tuesday, July 28th at 1PM ET.  RSVP HERE.   

Supporting Employee Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic – This guide by Mind Share Partners outlines action-oriented tips and company examples to help managers and leaders support employee mental health during this time.