Wellbeing Resources - Week of June 29th

June 29, 2020

As all of you know, stress related to the pandemic is having an enormous impact on people’s mental health.  According to a COVID-19 survey from SHRM that was conducted in April, 22-35% of employees reported experiencing symptoms of depression often, and as many as 2 in 3 are experiencing depressive symptoms at least sometimes.  What’s more troubling is that only 7% have reached out to a mental health professional. People tend to only to pay attention to things when they apply to them.  Since many more people are experiencing depressive symptoms than pre-pandemic, it is important to keep promoting all the behavioral health programs you have in place as this is a new feeling for many.

Have a safe and healthy week.

Career Wellbeing:

How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile – This article serves as the perfect 1010 course that will help you understand the essential aspects of using LinkedIn to your advantage.

Social & Family Wellbeing:


Hamilton Debuts on Disney Plus!!!  – The day has finally come where the most successful musical of the modern era, Hamilton, will be aired on Disney Plus.  Mark your calendars for July 3rd!

Microaggressions: What are they and How They Impact Those Around You – This NPR article discusses what microaggressions are and why and how we need to address them when we see them.


Cooking Skills Every Kid Should Learn by Age 10 – Here are the essential cooking skills to teach your kids by age, plus some of the most kid-friendly cooking projects to learn how to make.

Financial Wellbeing:

Managing on a reduced salary – Unfortunately, with COVID-19, many Americans have faced salary reductions.  This 5-minute video from AYCO, a Goldman Sachs company, will give you guidance on how to budget most effectively during this time, potentially re-arrange your financial goals based on immediate priority, and explore a couple of potential options that can help you bring in more income

Physical Wellbeing:

Sleep: How to Make it Work Better for You – In this lesson, Dr. Wendy Troxel teaches you how sleep works and how to make sleep work better for you.  You’ll gain a better awareness of your own sleep habits and walk away with proven strategies to add more and better sleep to your life.

20-Minute Chair Yoga Right from Your Desk – Unfold digital offers live classes every Tuesday and Thursday which address the common discomforts of office workers such as low back pain, neck/shoulder tightness and fatigue.

Emotional Wellbeing:

21-Day Meditation Program – A rejuvenating meditation program with the well-being pioneer, Deepak Chopra and international music icon, J Balvin. FREE

Community Wellbeing:

Boost your mental and physical health during the pandemic by volunteering virtually – Learn why volunteering has such profound benefits and find ways to get involved even during the pandemic.

Employer Focused Resources:

Your organization has made a public declaration of your stance on racism…now what?  – This article outlines 12 tangible actions businesses can take right now to move beyond words and take steps to support diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

SHRM COVID-19 Research on Mental Health – This survey paints a sobering picture of the impacts of the pandemic on employees with regards to depression, burn out, and the inability to focus during the pandemic.


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