Workplace Wellness: Why Do We Need It?

May 31, 2017

Creating an environment of wellness for employees within the workplace is a key element of success and advancement in a business. Wellness is proactively taking steps to make healthy choices, both physically and mentally. Implementing a strategy of wellness has a positive effect both on the culture and community of the company as well as the personal wellbeing of each employee.

Benefits for the Business

Business that execute a wellness strategy consistently show engagement in a united community with strong relationships among employees, as well as a less stressful environment is created affecting the health of all employees. Sixty percent of businesses report that wellness programs reduced their organizations healthcare costs substantially. In addition, employee’s attendance rates rose, resulting in decreased company costs on an average of $2 million annually.  Overall, a wellness program can make a significant impact on an organization by decreasing retention rates and increasing recruiting figures.

Benefits for the Employees

Employee satisfaction and happiness is highly valued and necessary in a work environment. The results of developing employee wellness programs include a sense of employee accomplishment due to higher productivity rates, and development of healthier habits that affect employee’s lifestyle choices both in and outside of the office. Other benefits include weight reduction, improved physical fitness, and an increase in stamina, self-image, and self-esteem that together develop a healthy, well-rounded individual.