Clifford A. Davis

Clifford A. Davis

Clifford A. Davis is the President of Orion Risk Management, an Alera Group Company. He has been in the insurance industry for 30 years.
By his mid-twenties Clifford was the Managing Partner of Golden Pacific Insurance Services. He developed a wide-ranging client following of medium and heavy manufacturers. Additionally, he established an expertise in construction with an emphasis on California residential construction.
In 2001, Clifford founded Orion Risk Management. The objective was to serve the retail insurance space, differentiating Orion from its competitors with a focus on client advocacy, company culture, and sophistication in alternative funding. Orion grew to one of the top 20 insurance brokerages in California before its sale to the Alera Group
During the recession of 2008, Orion turned its attention to Novation’s and Loss Portfolio Transfers. These transactions liberated collateral that had been posted in support of insurance agreements for a wide variety of companies.
Clifford has been an innovator in insuretech and has founded two companies that provide SAS solutions to the insurance industry. He has also leveraged his software development expertise to develop proprietary software at Orion to manage OCIP and CCIP construction projects.
Throughout his insurance career, Clifford has pursued his passion for aviation, involving himself with and investing in a charter aviation company, striving to achieve advanced piloting ratings, and arranging flights for various charities. His qualifications allow him to fly single pilot in a variety of turbine and multi-engine jet aircraft.