Gregg Elstien, ARM, CIC

Senior Vice President, Property & Casualty
Photo of Gregg Elstien

Gregg Elstien is considered one of the strongest advocates in the commercial insurance and risk management fields. His approach involves a proprietary analysis to uncover areas of need in order to develop a sustainable program that will reduce costs tied with evolving risk. Over 26 years in this industry, Gregg believes that to truly understand opportunities for improvement, you must take time to understand what makes a business distinctive. Furthermore, if the outcome of his analysis does not provide significant value, then he feels we would not be the right partner. Gregg works predominantly with businesses who are focused on constant improvement with a partner who understands how critical due diligence, cost reduction, claim management and safety are to their operations.

Gregg is a contributing member of Alera’s captive vertical. He also has a deep focus in manufacturing, distribution, transportation/logistics and nonprofits.

Because Alera Group has such an excellent bench in health insurance, financial services, life insurance as well as personal home and auto insurance, he coordinates those efforts to help businesses in the same areas of cost reduction and improved service, many that companies don’t know about.

Beyond what he provides in insurance risk management experience, Gregg also understands how important it is to help his clients in areas outside of their insurance needs. He is a very active professional networker and brings his extensive group of professionals in a variety of industries to his relationships to grow their operations.

Gregg has been a professional speaker on a multitude of topics for over 26 years. His speaking engagements include the Illinois CPA Society, Rockford University, Axelson Center and the Nonprofit CFO Roundtable. He is also the Chicago co-host for the CFO Mastermind.

Gregg is the Chair of the Advisory Board for Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, a nonprofit that is the first responder to children who have been sexually abused and/or physically abused. They work to heal both children and families as well as help prosecute the perpetrators.

Gregg is an Advisory Committee Member for Reclaim 13, which prevents child trafficking and prevents child exploitation.