Scott Gaul

Senior Partner
Scott Gaul

Scott joined Alera Group in 2019 and serves as a Senior Partner at the company. Prior to his leadership role at Alera Group, he co-founded HRinTune where he helped build a successful Human Resources consulting practice.

Scott has 20 years of successful Human Resources experience in leading companies toward human capital management solutions that drive the positive business results. He has expertise in all areas of Human Resources including talent and change management, total rewards programs, process and systems improvement and training and leadership development. He has extensive experience working with senior executives and CEO’s on a variety of human resources issues.

Scott received a B.S. in Economics from the Shippensburg University where he was a member of the Hollar Club.

Rules to live by? Treat every day as a beautiful gift. Express Gratitude. Keep your promises. Laugh at yourself. Do your best. Consider others. Share your heart.
Favorite place to visit? Any beach.
What is something that’s on your bucket list? Play golf at Pebble Beach.
Best advice you’ve ever received? Time is the most valuable thing you have. Use it wisely.
First thing you do when you go home from work? Say hello to my children and wife.