Handbags, Wine, Jewelry and More: Insuring Valuable Items and Collections

January 13, 2022
There was a time that the objective of purse snatchers was to obtain the bags’ contents. These days, thieves are more likely to want the accessory itself, particularly if it’s a designer handbag. And if the thieves think you may have more where that came from, they may be willing to... Find out more »

Performance-Based Insurance: Loss Control and Commercial Auto

January 11, 2022
A couple of years ago, a Texas company providing services to support the drilling and production of oil and gas wells had a problem. Its driver-safety record had become so troublesome that the state Department of Transportation had slapped it with the DOT’s poorest rating, and the... Find out more »

Employee Benefits: Where We Are, Where We’re Heading

January 7, 2022
Almost two full years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has changed irrevocably. Remote and hybrid work arrangements, heightened focus on behavioral health, a shift in employer-employee dynamics brought about by the Great Resignation — these are now... Find out more »

Tackling Challenges in the Arena of P&C Insurance

January 6, 2022
Amid a pandemic, a spate of catastrophic events and an ongoing trend of exorbitant litigation outcomes, managing your organization’s property and casualty insurance program requires traits found in a premier middle linebacker.  For those of you unfamiliar with... Find out more »

Employee Benefit Trends and Strategies for 2022

December 15, 2021
Readers of Alera Group’s report on our most recent Employer Pulse Survey and viewers of our December 16, 2021, webinar on how employers are tackling COVID-19-related decisions will have a good sense of how their peers and competitors have been handling the pandemic era’s unprecedented... Find out more »

Franchise Insurance: Understanding Risks and Relationships

December 13, 2021
Every franchise owner has decisions to make about insurance. How many decisions, and how complex the options, depends on the industry and the franchisor.  One of the most important insurance decisions a franchise operator can make is in selecting an... Find out more »

What Employers Need to Know About Federal Vaccine Mandates

December 6, 2021
Organizations across industries, sizes and locations continue to navigate the difficult challenges posed by ongoing response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As legislation related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, guidance regarding ongoing testing for non-vaccinated employees and legal challenges... Find out more »

Wellbeing Resources: 2022 Health Trends, New Year Self-Care and More

This will be the last edition of our bi-weekly wellbeing resources email. Thank you for sharing so many of these resources with your teams over the last 18 months! In the coming weeks, you will receive the first edition of our new Wellbeing Newsletter filled with content for January 2022. This... Find out more »

Empowering Women to Embrace their Financial Wellness

December 2, 2021
By Tina Hohman, Executive Vice President, Alera Wealth Services At a recent educational event, I was pleased to moderate a conversation about women’s financial wellness with two seasoned industry professionals, Christine Ripic, regional vice president at Prudential, and Gigi Verrey, vice... Find out more »

How Your Peers and Competitors are Responding to COVID-19

November 30, 2021
When the world went into lockdown in March 2020, few expected the pandemic that necessitated such emergency measures would still be with us 21 months later. Yet on the eve of Thanksgiving 2021, in the state where the holiday originated, the lead story in the... Find out more »