How to Respond to the Hard Market for Property Reinsurance

November 30, 2022
Driven by record inflation and several years of catastrophic losses, property reinsurance has entered a hard market. Reinsurance — insurance for insurers — is designed to protect primary insurers in the event of a catastrophic loss. Over the past few years, however, losses hitting the... Find out more »

How an Actuary Can Save You Money on Customized Insurance

November 28, 2022
In the cyclical market for Property and Casualty Insurance, we are more than a year into hard-market conditions, leading growing numbers of businesses to consider alternative risk funding. That, in turn, has created an abundance of work for insurance actuaries and Captive Insurance... Find out more »

Recipes for HR Compliance Success

October 20, 2022
Think of reporting your organization’s prescription drug spending as cooking a complex and elaborate dish. If you don’t follow the recipe — if you skip steps or leave out ingredients or don’t conform to the prescribed timing — the finished product won’t be served... Find out more »

Risk Preparedness, Disasters and the Insurance Claim Process

October 18, 2022
If we are to learn anything from recent catastrophic climate- and weather-related events, among the lessons should be this: Too many Americans are under-insured, ill-prepared for risk and in need of education on the insurance claim process.  According to the National Centers for... Find out more »

Personal Insurance for College Students

September 28, 2022
Now that college students are settled into housing and fully equipped with all their books and gear for the school year, they should ask themselves a question: Is all this stuff insured? Insurance for college students depends on a number of variables, including: Whether they’re living on... Find out more »

Health Plan Tools: Assess Your Investment

September 20, 2022
Widely provided as features of an employee benefits program, tools for finding healthcare providers and managing costs promise value to employers as well as employees. That’s why they’re so common – offered by 80% of all businesses that participated in the 2022 Alera Group... Find out more »

Health Advocacy: Employee Benefit Solution to a Widespread Need

September 14, 2022
For patients undergoing bariatric surgery, the actual operation is just one part of a multi-step process. At California’s famed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, for example, the process includes nine steps — from attending a weight loss surgery seminar and consultation at the start of the process... Find out more »

Advanced Strategy: Point Solutions as Employee Benefits

September 6, 2022
Imagine a job interview in which a prospective employee asks, “What do you offer for benefits?” and the interviewer replies, “What do you need?” At companies using Advanced Healthcare Strategies and offering point solutions as part of a Total Rewards program, that scenario... Find out more »

CO2 Shortage Underscores Brewers’ Insurance Needs

August 24, 2022
Prior to 2022, the term “craft beverage” and “Mississippi” were unlikely to pass the lips of most beer lovers in the same sentence. In a 2019 state-by-state ranking by the online publication The Beer Connoisseur, Mississippi placed dead last for craft brews. More recently,... Find out more »

Trade Credit Insurance: When Your Success Is Tied to an Unfulfilled Promise

August 18, 2022
Major League Baseball’s trade deadline passed last month, with the swapping of longtime fan favorites like Padre-turned-Red Sox Eric Hosmer and emerging superstars such as National-turned-Padre Juan Soto reminding us that professional baseball is very much a business. While some transactions... Find out more »