A New Game Plan for Securing Cyber Insurance

March 28, 2023
Are you having a hard time securing Cyber Insurance? It can be difficult to find adequate protection in today’s market of doubling premium increases, weakened coverage terms and strict underwriting guidelines. Demand exceeds supply. Whether you’re securing new coverage or renewing,... Find out more »

Technology Key to Containing Commercial Auto Insurance Costs

February 7, 2023
Mention Commercial Auto Insurance to anyone who runs a business — especially one that involves trucking — and you’re sure to elicit a groan. As Alera Group forecasts in our 2023 Property and Casualty Market Outlook, “The (insurance) industry struggles to overcome... Find out more »

What You’ll Learn in Our Webinar on Inflation-Proofing Employee Benefits

February 2, 2023
Unlike high rates of job creation and low rates of unemployment, both of which favor workers in today’s market, high rates of inflation favor no one. As we say in our promotions for Alera Group’s upcoming employee benefits webinar, Inflation-Proof Your Benefits, “When it comes to... Find out more »

Why Partnering With an Insurance Broker Is So Important in the Construction Industry

January 30, 2023
Years of hardening market conditions for Property and Casualty Insurance have instilled multiple best practices throughout a significant segment of the construction industry:   Heightened focus on risk management;  Maintaining detailed records of risk management policies,... Find out more »

Introducing Alera Group’s 2023 Employee Benefits Market Outlook

January 19, 2023
Alera Group is pleased to introduce a new and timely resource for business managers and HR teams, as well as members of the C-Suite: our 2023 Employee Benefits Market Outlook.  Those of us who make our living designing, administering and/or funding employee benefits programs live in... Find out more »

Employee Benefits Outlook and Solutions for 2023

January 9, 2023
Global and national events of the past few years have made a major impact on employers, pulling employee benefits into the spotlight for the C-suite as managers and HR teams grapple with unprecedented challenges. The aftermath of these events will continue to affect employers and employees... Find out more »

A Guide and Updates to Property and Casualty Challenges in 2023

January 5, 2023
Alera Group’s 2023 Property and Casualty Market Outlook is drawing enthusiastic reviews from our clients — and with good reason. The report, our third annual outlook on the market for Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance, is expertly informed, comprehensive, analytical, easy to... Find out more »

What Benefits Professionals Need to Know Entering 2023

December 6, 2022
Holiday shopping and gift wrapping aside, employee benefits professionals have three overarching priorities as they plow through their end-of-year tasks and prepare for 2023:  Long-term cost management   Plan design  Data transparency.  These topics will be... Find out more »

How to Respond to the Hard Market for Property Reinsurance

November 30, 2022
Driven by record inflation and several years of catastrophic losses, property reinsurance has entered a hard market. Reinsurance — insurance for insurers — is designed to protect primary insurers in the event of a catastrophic loss. Over the past few years, however, losses hitting the... Find out more »

How an Actuary Can Save You Money on Customized Insurance

November 28, 2022
In the cyclical market for Property and Casualty Insurance, we are more than a year into hard-market conditions, leading growing numbers of businesses to consider alternative risk funding. That, in turn, has created an abundance of work for insurance actuaries and Captive Insurance... Find out more »