Meeting at the Intersection of Technology and Employee Benefits

April 14, 2021

Even as the nation and the world continue to struggle with COVID-19, the post-pandemic American world of work is taking shape. Two characteristics already appear clearly defined:

  1. A largely remote workforce, advances in data analytics and changing client expectations have accelerated adoption of innovative technologies, making organizations and their employees far more tech-savvy – and tech-dependent – than they were prior to 2020.

  2. Changes in lifestyles and attitudes have made organizations increasingly employee-centric, with a greater emphasis on job flexibility and voluntary benefits, many of them family-friendly.

On May 20, Alera Group will explore this new world of work in a one-hour webinar: Strengthening Your Benefits Package with Technology Solutions. Scheduled for noon-1 p.m. EDT, the event will feature a panel of experts at the forefront of voluntary benefits and employee benefits technology:
  • Mike Meyerring, Head of the Benefits Innovation Group at SAAS-based benefits and technology innovator Businessolver®;

  • Jeremy Parr, Director of Voluntary Benefits and insurance, retirement and wealth-protection services leader Lincoln Financial Group; and

  • Maile Meade, Senior Vice President of Sales at Davidson Benefits Planning, an Alera Group Company, recently ranked 10th on the publication Oregon Business’ list of the 100 best companies to work for in Oregon.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss voluntary benefits vendors, tech vendors, how they intersect and why it’s important for organizations to make the right strategic decisions in building a total rewards program.

Consider two recent articles in a collection published by the popular industry website Employee Benefit News under the headline “Tech is taking over benefits.” One, “8 tech tools to improve employee productivity,” looks at top-trending apps used to help employees stay engaged, connected and on track while working remotely or in a hybrid work/office arrangement. The other, “Too much tech may be stunting productivity,” examines how an overabundance of tech tools can be counter-productive, creating rather than solving inefficiencies and causing employee frustration.

By the end of our discussion, you’ll have a deeper knowledge of what voluntary benefits are available and a better understanding of how best to communicate the availability, usefulness and value of these benefits. In addition, you’ll have information on how to leverage the right technology partners, in terms of both employer and employee experience.

In short, you’ll be well on your way to building your own total rewards strategy for your organization.


About the Authors

Brian Parker 
Vice President, Benefits Technology and Services Leader
Alera Group

Brian Parker has more than 30 years of experience providing strategic advisement and for all aspects of benefits outsourcing and HR support. He plays a key role in consulting and delivering outsourcing services and solutions for Alera Group clients.


Tina Santelli 
Vice President, Carrier Partner Management
Alera Group

Tina Santelli is responsible for leading key top-tier partnerships at Alera Group, strategically developing relationships with preferred carriers. She maintains and strengthens existing carrier relationships, and identifies new strategic partnerships that benefit Alera Group’s clients across the country.