The benefits package you offer to your employees is a critical strategic tool. The right mix of health and wellness benefits, retirement options, employer services, executive compensation strategies, and HR technology will attract and retain the right mix of employees for your business. Miss the mark, and your employees and perspective employees may look for more value elsewhere.

We know that the right combination of benefits will look different for every organization. Our innovative strategic benefits planning process helps employers evaluate their current needs, explore new opportunities, and identify goals for the future – all while keeping their unique employees and financial realities front and center.

Our Approach to Strategic Benefits Planning

Our approach to strategic benefits planning joins our many years of experience and expertise with your unique needs and goals. Our team will work with your organization’s leadership to create a custom Alera Playbook – a clear, multi-year strategic plan with actionable steps to take your benefits plan from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future. Moving forward, your Alera Playbook will guide your organization’s benefit decisions, ultimately resulting in a greater return on investment for every dollar spent on your employee benefits programs.

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Our Expertise and Capabilities

An integrated suite of HR knowledge, content and training solutions designed to help you and your team be more productive, easily comply with workplace regulations and avoid litigation.


A suite of compliance and legal support that provides timely and accurate guidance on complex rules and timely and accurate guidance on complex rules and regulations that govern employers and their consultants.


Innovative technology solutions and services designed to keep your organization compliant, engage employees and improve the efficiency and functionality of your HR team.