What Employers Need to Know About Federal Vaccine Mandates

December 6, 2021

Organizations across industries, sizes and locations continue to navigate the difficult challenges posed by ongoing response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As legislation related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, guidance regarding ongoing testing for non-vaccinated employees and legal challenges to these rules emerges, our compliance experts are maintaining a close eye on updates critical to employers.


In our two-part COVID-19 vaccine webinar series, our experts in benefits compliance, OSHA and employment law have come together to share their insight on these new rules. You can watch our first webinar covering an overview of the Federal Vaccine Mandate and our follow-up webinar clarifying these rules and addressing Legal Challenges to the Vaccine Mandate. For written guidance and summaries, defer to the related resources section at the bottom of this article to learn more.


For employers who are bracing themselves for a response plan in light of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant, organizations should continue to watch case numbers. Alera Group’s VP of Compliance, Employee Benefits, Danielle Capilla shared this, "the Omicron variant underscores what we already know—employers must remain agile and flexible in the face of the pandemic and the changing workforce,” in HR Executive’s recent article on the emerging topic.

For additional guidance on how organizational leaders have been navigating through COVID-19 decision, Alera Group invites you to join us on Thursday, December 16, for a webinar designed to provide some clarity. “Survey Results Are In: How U.S. Employers Are Tackling Their Next COVID-Related Decisions” will review the findings of our 2021 COVID-19 Employer Pulse Survey, which asked close to 800 U.S. employers of various sizes in multiple industries and regions about how they’re handling COVID-19 issues such as: 

  • Vaccination mandates and incentives; 

  • Benefit premiums and surcharges based on vaccinations; and 

  • Remote work and work-from-home policies. 


As regulations continue to evolve, we will continue to share all critical updates on our online COVID-19 Resource Center.


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