Dan Bauwens

Senior Partner
Dan Bauwens

Dan is a Senior Partner. He is responsible for growth and all phases of client delivery including financial analytics, plan design and payroll contribution strategies, employee engagement programs and cost reduction initiatives.

Prior to joining The Alera Group, Dan founded VantagePoint Benefit Strategies, an employee benefits brokerage and consultancy located in greater Philadelphia. Dan also founded VantagePoint Human Resources which provides outsourced human resources services on a project and retainer basis. Both companies were merged into The Alera Group on September 1st, 2018.

Dan has held senior management positions with United Healthcare and Oxford Health Plans in which he was responsible for product development, pricing, sales and account management. He began his career with U.S. Healthcare as a sales executive in 1988.

Most adventurous experience? My most adventurous experience was heliskiing on a Canadian glacier with four of my buddies.  It was spectacular views, pristine conditions and pretty intense at times.

Dream car? My dream car is a 1967 Corvette Coup with split rear window.  When I was a kid my friend and I used to build model Corvette cars and paint them in his basement.  This was my favorite model and owning the real thing would take me right back to my childhood.

Favorite Book? I have a guilty pleasure of picking up Clive Cussler books on the Oregon series every time I’m in the airport.  The story line is always the same with this elite team of recurring characters saving the world and beating the bad guys.  It allows me to get in my own world, relax and not think about anything else while traveling.

Favorite Movie? I have to say Top Gun only because I watched it a ridiculous amount of times.  In college it was always on in our fraternity house and there would be a group of guys watching.  If you sat down with the group you didn’t get up till it was over.