Gary Kirshenbaum

Vice President and Director, Global Trade Risk Management | Property & Casualty
Photo of Gary Kirshenbaum

Gary Kirshenbaum is a Vice President and Director of Global Trade Risk Management (GTRM). Under his guidance, GTRM provides companies the ability to strategically manage their commercial trade risk, both domestic and export, as well as to mitigate political risk involving international business investments.

Gary has over 15 years of experience in trade credit insurance in addition to nine years as a lender in commercial finance. He possesses a deep knowledge of how to utilize credit to minimize risk and maximize growth and banking relationships for his clients. Through this risk management expertise, Gary’s focus is to protect his clients’ money.

Additionally, having owned and run a family business for 10 years, Gary understands the everyday struggles of cash flow along with the credit risk that companies face when their accounts receivable, potentially the largest asset on their balance sheet, is in jeopardy.