Matt Peebles

Benefits Consultant
Matt Peebles

Matt Peebles is a seasoned Benefits Consultant specializing in cost containment and financial analysis. He excels in providing customized, comprehensive benefits solutions that serve as assets for company growth and focuses on delivering health insurance packages that are essential for attracting and retaining top talent.

With over 12 years of experience in the employee benefits industry, Matt joined Alera Group in 2024 and quickly established himself as a sales leader. His passion for delivering the right solutions for his clients is evident in his proven track record of exceptional results, including recognition as a top 1% producer nationally.

As a Benefits Consultant at Alera Group, Matt's responsibilities include generating new business, retaining existing clients, and building long-term relationships. He leverages his deep industry knowledge, negotiation skills, and client-centered sales strategies to understand and address the unique needs and goals of his clients. Furthermore, Matt collaborates with sales executives and agents to share best practices, insights, and feedback, contributing to the growth and success of Alera Group.

In addition to his professional achievements, Matt remains active in the community, serving as a baseball coach for multiple youth teams and actively participating in school fundraising initiatives and seasonal community events.